The OR Society is home to the science + art of problem solving. Our diverse global community of operational researchers and analysts is the gateway to a thriving career 

As a member, you will access the tools you need to thrive in your profession at every stage of your career. You will enjoy distinct networking opportunities, an ever-developing library of insight and resources, and a rich programme of events and training. 

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Benefits of becoming a member

  • ENHANCE your career and credibility with current research and insight which you can access anytime, anywhere, as well as professional development opportunities through accreditation.
  • ACCESS specialist face-to-face training opportunities led by experts, which will give you the tools you need to apply your skills and knowledge in a real-world environment.  
  • CONNECT with a community of like-minded professionals, who you can engage with at exclusive events, online and offline through our national, regional and special interest groups.
  • KNOW the profession inside-out with timely access to news and insight via a multitude of leading publications, plus an extensive online library of resources.

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Full member

Develop through knowledge and understanding with our extensive library of resources and gain the credibility you need to progress in your career. 

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Student member

Become part of a like-minded community where you will connect with your peers and employers while accessing development opportunities and boosting your marketability. 

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Corporate membership

Shape a world-class team with the latest research at your fingertips while raising your company's profile and credibility, whatever your sector. 

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The OR Society offers its members four pathways for professional certification

  • OR Society accreditation - become a Fellow of ORS
  • Chartered and Registered Scientist, through Science Council
  • Alliance for Data Science Professionals certification
  • INFORMS' Certified Analytics Professional status

These are offered only to members because membership of a relevant professional society is universally recognised as a key component of certified professional competence.

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Are you retired?

Continue to impart your knowledge on the profession even after you've retired with our Retired membership. This subsidised membership enables you to give back through volunteering, including presenting at industry events and assisting with research and advice for our members.  

This membership also means that you will continue to receive the latest industry news and retain access to new research and insight to ensure you’re always at the forefront of the profession with The OR Society – home to the science + art of problem solving.