Aiming AI


The first step of the OR Method, developing analysis as a basis for decision for its commissioners, is to understand the problem.  There are two understandings - that of the analyst and that of the client. Problem Structuring Methods help both by prompting coherent thoughts then giving a framework with which to communicate these.  With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications these frameworks can focus AI applications on the more important decision areas.  Such understanding is also essential to validating the outputs from AI. 

Ian Mitchell has worked in Operational Research (OR) since 1988, following a flirtation with accountancy. For the Centre for Operational Research and Defence Analysis (CORDA) he initially produced historical data compilations. Studies of the land battle followed until 1992. After two years as an independent OR consultant to the UK Department of Social Security and European Space Agency he joined the Defence Research Agency (DRA) at Fort Halstead in 1994. He managed the Battle Group War Game and led infantry studies.

He moved to Porton Down in 1998 managing OR studies until 2000 when he became the OR specialist for the Directorate of Equipment Capability, Nuclear Biological and Chemical (DEC (NBC) in the Ministry of Defence for 4 years. Ian returned to design campaign risk assessment and naval studies, moving to the Department for Business Innovation and Skills in 2010 joining the Operational Research Unit there. He became the Head of Modelling Integrity in 2017 and continues in this role for the Department of Energy Security and Net Zero. 

Ian served on the Council of the UK OR Society, as Vice President and Treasurer and represented the UK to EURO. He was commissioned into the Territorial Army in 1984 and was introduced to OR as part of a Business Studies degree during 1986.  

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