Webinar May 2024


This session helps improve awareness of mental health as a positive experience, and not just when things are negative. This webinar is suitable for everyone and unpacks some great points towards mental health and the importance of self-care

  • Why it is important to talk about mental health
  • Life is a journey defined by experiences
  • Mental Health - A recap
  • Recognising and managing stress
  • Recognising changes
  • The importance of self-care
  • How can work help to improve wellbeing?

I have an innate passion for changing literacy and increasing knowledge and understanding of Mental Health. An instructor with 5 years’ experience of Adult Mental Health Training, based in the West Midlands, I work nationally to help people to increase their mental health awareness and develop a deeper understanding to understand others and oneself. My extensive experience of supporting others in crisis, and passion and knowledge of health and wellbeing is blended into my training, to provide people with a real understanding that gives practical tools to empower people with the information that in turn can support themselves, their colleagues and loved ones. 

I have trained many delegates from a range of corporate, public, education and third sector organisations. Having a lived experience of mental health I feel it is important to share how it has impacted on work, studies, family and myself.  Also, I have two brothers who have tried to take their own life for both very different reasons. This experience gives people a deeper insight to triggers, and why people can experience mental ill health.

I have designed and delivered a range of tailored programmes relating to personal and organisational mental health and wellbeing including: Suicide Awareness, PTSD, Managing Anxiety, Mental Health Awareness Training for Managers, Menopause Awareness and How Mindfulness and Support Mental Health. I designed and delivered a Confidence, Self Esteem and Motivation programme to help people on their journey back into work, who were experiencing multiple barriers.

Having a strong and diverse back ground in the world of business, management and education, I have been delivering Mental Health Training and Wellbeing Training for 6 years. Working across business and education has provided me with insights to how people respond to people and themselves who are showing emerging signs of mental ill health and how it impacts on people, business, family and the wider community. I engaged and facilitated e-clinics during the pandemic to support people in their journey during one of the most challenging times in our lives. The e-clinics were an online platform to provide guidance and information for tools and tips to support ourselves and each other, to support wellbeing and mental health.  I engaged with Samaritans, Papyrus, Cruse and people like Rt Hon Caroline Noakes to support the community of the impacts of menopause and how it can impact on mental health and wellbeing.

My creative edge and lived experience of mental health sparked my interest to become a Mental Health First Aid Instructor in 2018, Drawing on this extensive knowledge and experience  I am able to normalise Mental Health in the field of training.  I strive to create a safe and inclusive environment within all of the courses, that in turn provide people to share the air and talk about it and unpack how we can positively support all people.

Whilst working at Steps to Work as Lead of Business and Engagement Services, I lead and facilitated a Mental Health Awareness Training programme with the Department for Work and Pensions. This course was designed by the DWP, I supported in the tailoring meetings, where we embedded the six point plan of how to respond to a person in suicidal crisis. Another programme I designed and delivered was a Confidence, Self-Esteem and Motivation programme, where I mentored and supported people with mental health conditions to reduce stigma and support them back into work. 

I'm a regular guest with local radio stations, BBC WM and WCRM where we talk about various topics of mental health and wellbeing, it's always a fantastic way to share tips, understanding and encourage listeners to reach out if they are struggling. Not everyone has access to training, family and support, and TV, and they could live alone. I love to share key messages to support, guide and help.

Kerry Tonks[95]