Upcoming Webinars

Maths Week England

9-14 November 2020

The OR Society is proud to have taken part in Maths Week England 2020, a week-long celebration of maths. We hosted three webinars with a focus on how maths, and OR in particular, are useful, interesting parts of everyday life.  

Recordings of the webinars are available via our Youtube channel.

The Lego Furniture Factory 
Matthew Robinson

How many tables and chairs can your Lego Furniture Factory build? How much profit can you make? How do you decide what combination of tables and chairs to build? Join us in this webinar and we’ll show you how to use maths and operational research to optimise your process by maximising your profit and minimising your costs.

NOTE: To take part in this webinar, each student will need 6 rectangular Lego bricks and 8 square Lego bricks. The worksheet from this (free of charge) workshop will also be helpful. 

Making Decisions with Maths
Chandan Jha

How do you make a decision when there are many factors to think about? For example, when you buy a car you might want to think about its model, speed and cost. Which is more important? How do you balance them all and make the best choice? Join Chandan Jha to learn the answer. He’ll explain how maths and analytics can be used in this kind of situation, through a technique known as Multiple Criteria Decision Making, and talk about some practical applications of this mathematical method.

If you missed out, don’t worry! You can now access the full webinar recording on our YouTube channel