Non-society or partner events

The OR Society may endorse, sponsor or support conferences and events without being responsible for the organisation or running of these events. This page is for signposting our members to these events, and also to any others which we consider to be particularly relevant or beneficial to the membership.

IFORS Global Webinar Series

20 September 2021
2pm UK time

> Grazia Speranza, Italy (IFORS President)
> Stefan Nickel (EURO Vice-President)
> Celso Ribeiro (ITOR Editor-in-Chief)

> Isabel Narbon-Perpina and Kristof De Witte on "Local governments' efficiency: A systematic literature review”
> Kenneth Sorensen, Florian Arnold, and Daniel Cuervo on "A critical analysis of the "Improved Clarke and Wright savings algorithm"

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Black heroes of mathematics conference

Online: hosted by the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences

5-6 October 2021


The Vision of the conference is 'To celebrate the inspirational contributions of Black role models to the field of Mathematics and Mathematics Education'.


There will be a balance of technical talks by internationally renowned black speakers that include some detail of career paths and experience to provide a testimonial dimension. We plan to achieve a balance of career stage and gender.

More information on LMS website: