Women in OR & Analytics Network

The Women in OR & Analytics Network is a newly-established network for female OR practitioners and academics.

The gender imbalance in OR and STEM in general still presents many challenges both for academics and practitioners.

Whilst there is a lot of literature about the low proportions of women in STEM careers, no work had specifically been undertaken on the UK OR profession until 2018 when The OR Society sponsored three MSc research projects on the theme of women in OR.

Key findings from the three projects concluded that The OR Society should establish a network for women at work in OR and analytics to build strong, encouraging connections.

We need you

We need your voice, your knowledge and your experience in this group. Help us to build a strong, self-supporting network and to set better conditions for the next cohort of young women launching into their careers in OR and analytics.

Committee details

Network Committee

Person Role
Frances O'Brien
Annunziata Esposito

Events Subcommittee

Person Role
Ruth Kaufman Chair
Beth Tinsley Member
Jana Ries Member
Sheema Noorain Member
Stephen Maher Member
Sumitra Sri Bhashyam Member

PR & Media Subcommittee

Person Role
Annunziata Esposito Amideo Chair
Hugo Herrera Member
Maria Sofia Alul Member
Seda Sucu Member

Mentoring Subcommittee

Nadia Papamichail Chair
Antuela Tako Member
Büsra Atamer Balkan Member
Kathy Kotiadis Member
Sonya Crowe Member

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Come to our next event

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Reflections on the intersection of OR and public communication with Prof Christina Pagel

Join us on Tuesday 18th May 2021, 1:30pm for our next insightful event led by Prof Christina Pagel, Director, Clinical Operational Research Unit, and member of Independent SAGE.

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About The Event

Since mid-2020, many of us have been inspired by seeing on television screens, commenting on COVID-19 challenges and policies with humanity, common sense and expertise, a figure from the Operational Research community: Christina Pagel. For WORAN members, it has been especially satisfying, as Christina joined our very first online WORAN meeting, "OR, Lockdown and You" (facilitating a breakout group exploring remote-working groups).

Shortly after that, Christina was invited to join the group Independent SAGE. At the time, she thought she was signing up to one or two public meetings on YouTube, but instead their profile grew and they discovered there was a large public appetite for more information about Covid and its spread in the UK. From the summer onwards, Christina has been giving regular updates on the latest Covid situation in the UK during Independent SAGE weekly briefings and has been invited regularly on the media fielding questions about various aspects of the Covid pandemic.

We're delighted to welcome Christina back to WORAN, one year on. Christina will start by discussing how her experience of working in Operational Research applied to health care has shaped how she has understood and communicated the Covid pandemic over the past year. She will go on to reflect on the personal experience of becoming a public figure, sticking her head above the parapet on topics that have generated much heat as well as light, and maintaining both scientific and personal integrity on some of the most important issues facing us all; and identify any lessons that might help others step forward.

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