Women in OR & Analytics Network

The Women in OR & Analytics Network is a newly-established network for female OR practitioners and academics.

The gender imbalance in OR and STEM in general still presents many challenges both for academics and practitioners.

Whilst there is a lot of literature about the low proportions of women in STEM careers, no work had specifically been undertaken on the UK OR profession until 2018 when The OR Society sponsored three MSc research projects on the theme of women in OR.

Key findings from the three projects concluded that The OR Society should establish a network for women at work in OR and analytics to build strong, encouraging connections.

We need you

We need your voice, your knowledge and your experience in this group. Help us to build a strong, self-supporting network and to set better conditions for the next cohort of young women launching into their careers in OR and analytics.

Committee details

Person Role
Frances O'Brien
Annunziata Esposito
Nadia Papmichael Committee Member
Kathy Kotiadis Committee Member
Antuela Anthi Tako
Committee Member
Djamila Ouelhad Committee Member
Gillian Groom
Committee Member

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'Fast and Furious': Our next online event

Brighten up your August with WORAN’s showcase of women’s contribution to OR.

Date: 13 August 2020

Time: 16:00 - 17:20

Our next event titled 'Fast and Furious will consist of 6 lightning talks from women representing much of the diversity of OR: senior, mid- and early-career, practitioner and academic, and a whole variety of methods and applications. Each talk will last a maximum of 5 minutes – prepare to be stimulated, challenged and impressed!

WORAN online meetings aim to make women visible as role models and contributors to OR, to explore issues affecting women, to help build and consolidate professional interaction and networking, to make sure that women’s voices are heard, and to be an enjoyable opportunity to ‘get out and about’. These goals are relevant to the whole community, not just to women, so the meetings are open to everybody.

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  • Theresa Chambers, Head of Energy and Security Analysis, BEIS
  • Deborah Lentle, Consultant, DecisionLab
  • Lucy Morgan, Lecturer, Management Science, Lancaster University
  • Jana Ries, Portsmouth University
  • Ramune Šabaniene, Head of Housing BI and Analytics, Danske Bank
  • Prof Maureen Meadows, Professor of Strategic Management at Coventry University


Interested? Here are some of our talk topics below...

Theresa Chambers, Head of Energy and Security Analysis, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

Hard and soft impacts

With 25 years in Operational Research I have a fair few stories of where OR has made impact under my belt.  But some of the biggest impacts I’ve had personally have been through supporting women to be ok to be the best of themselves.  In this tiny talk I’ll share a little bit of both.

Theresa currently leads a team providing analysis that supports strategy and policy decisions about the UK’s power supplies, within BEIS.  She’s also joint Head of Profession for Operational Research in BEIS, which is her third stint as a HoP having previously led large groups of operational analysts in Home Office and Department for Work and Pensions during a long career in Government OR.


Deborah Lentle, Consultant, DecisionLab

Modelling our changed lives: the effects of social distancing in a fast food establishment

In this talk we will look at the changes required within a fast food restaurant to comply with Covid-19 social distancing guidelines and how this has been modelled to evaluate the implications of re-opening after lockdown. This will explore the pedestrian agent-based simulation that was built to model the flow of customers within store adhering to the 2m guidelines in order to determine under what conditions the store can re-open safely.  

Debbie has been a simulation modeller with Decision Lab for two years having graduated from Cardiff University with an MSc in Operational Research and Applied Statistics and a BSc in Mathematics. She has experience building agent-based simulations in AnyLogic, which have included, modelling asset operations and failures for a fleet of gas turbines; investigating attack and defence strategies within a cyber threat scenario and the modelling of customers within a high street fast food restaurant adhering to Covid-19 social distancing guidelines.    


Lucy Morgan, Lecturer, Management Science,  Lancaster University

Investigating the provision of North West Air Ambulance (NWAA) services during the hours of darkness.

Lucy, alongside other academics from Lancaster University Management School, used discrete event simulation to investigate alternative ‘service hours’ for the operation of response vehicles for the North West Air Ambulance (NWAA) charity. The main consideration of this exploratory study was whether or not NWAA should extend their current operational hours into the hours of darkness. The model was built to enable NWAA to compare the performance of a range of proposed operating schedules for their current and possible future vehicle assets.

 Dr Lucy Morgan is a lecturer in simulation and stochastic modelling at Lancaster University. Her interests are uncertainty quantification in stochastic simulation; simulation analytics; input modelling and the application of discrete event simulation in healthcare and emergency scenarios. Her email address is [email protected]


Dr Jana Ries,Principal Lecturer in Statistics and Quantitative Methods, University of Portsmouth

Precisely imprecise: Instance-specific decision support using Fuzzy Logic

The talk will discuss the design of an adaptive decision support system using fuzzy logic, aiming to respond to two of the main known challenges of making good decisions, imprecision and uncertainty, by taking into consideration dynamic problem features. It will be framed in the context of container port logistics. 

Dr Jana Ries is the current Chair of the Faculty Research Degrees Committee and the Deputy Director of the Centre of Operational Research and Logistics. Jana holds an MSc in Logistics and Optimisation, and a PhD in Operational Research.

Her main research interest is the design of decision support systems with a particular focus on exploiting meta-heuristic approaches and using fuzzy logic in the context of dynamic transport and supply chain management systems. 

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