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July 2022

Glad to be back in-person

Three OR Society members all came back from the EURO conference in Finland with the same feeling – in-person events are extremely valuable. Here’s what they said:

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June 2022

What has analytics got to do with operational research (OR)?

What is the difference between advanced analytics, business analytics, data analytics, web analytics and operational research? One could be forgiven for struggling to see the difference between these interconnected fields of problem-solving, but there is an answer - and it is as much about an approach to life as having the latest, smartest analytical tools.

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May 2022

Training courses: let us know what you think

We are keen to hear about what you think of our training courses. If you have a few minutes, please help us improve what we do by completing this short survey. You will help us provide a better service to the OR and analytics community!

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