Griffiths Medal

The Griffiths Medal is awarded in recognition of the most outstanding contribution to the philosophy, theory or practice of health systems published in the journal Health Systems within the relevant period.

Citation for Griffiths Medal 2017-18

Victoria Mabin, Julie Yee, Sally Babington, Robyn Moore and Vanessa Caldwell        

Using the Theory of Constraints to resolve long-standing resource and service issues in a large public hospital.

Health Systems Vol.7 (3): 230-249

This year’s medal is awarded to Victoria Mabin, Julie Yee, Sally Babington, Rovyn Moore and Venessa Caldwell of whom are based in New Zealand. This paper considers a major issue for healthcare; managing demand for services, within limited resources. The study is based on an approach (Theory of Constraints) with strong “real world” relevance that is relatively little used in the OR field and merits wider exposure and comparison with other approaches to investigating systems. The use of TOC methodology in the study, which focuses on problems with a hospital pharmacy and the relation of these to the wider hospital system, facilitates drilling down to the underlying issues and allows a "rich" analysis of problems and solutions. The account of the associated pilot project provides additional insights and shows commitment to involving stakeholders in the work, and shows clear evidence of implementation with a considerable and sustained   impact on system performance. The paper is clearly written and presented.

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Vicky Mabin, Julie Yee, Sally Babington, Vanessa Caldwell and Robyn Moore

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