Griffiths Medal

The Griffiths Medal is awarded in recognition of the most outstanding contribution to the philosophy, theory or practice of health systems published in the journal Health Systems within the relevant period.

Citation for Griffiths Medal 2019-20

Terry Young, Sada Soorapanth, Jim Wilkerson, Lance Millburg, Todd Roberts, David Morgareidge

The costs and value of modelling-based design in healthcare delivery: five case studies from the US. 

Health Systems 9(3) 253-262

Assessment of the impact of modelling on decisions in healthcare management has not been sufficiently studied and where it has been it has tended to indicate a disappointing picture. This clear and concise paper helps redress both those problems by analysing the costs of modelling and the savings resulting from a number of healthcare management decisions that were based on simulation results.

It demonstrates that modelling can make powerful contributions to shaping the design of health care systems, improving their cost-effectiveness to an extent that can hugely outweigh the costs of the modelling.

The paper should encourage analysts to more regularly assess the impact and cost-effectiveness of their work and managers to make more use of modelling to improve health care systems.

Left to right: Lance Millburg, David Morgareidge, Sada Soorapanth, Terry Young, Todd Roberts, Jim Wilkerson

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