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Kevin Glazebrook

Chair of the Research Committee

Name: Kevin Glazebrook  

Occupational title: Distinguished Professor in Operational Research


Research interests: Stochastic dynamic programming, machine learning, multi-armed bandits, industry-facing research at the OR/statistics interface, air transport applications.

Keywords: Dynamic Programming; Markov Processes; Transport

ORS Research Committee


Selin Ahipasaoglu.jpg

Name: Selin Ahipasaoglu

Occupational title: Associate Professor

Email: sda1u20 [at]


Research Interests: Robust optimisation, convex optimisation, discrete choice modelling, optimal experimental design, statistical learning

Keywords: Robust Optimisation, Mathematical Programming, Statistics

Kerem Akartunali

Name: Dr Kerem Akartunali

Occupational title: Associate Professor in Management Science


Research interests: Optimisation, in particular integer programming and network optimization, and their applications, such as lot sizing, radiation treatment planning, offshore windfarm logistics, airline and maritime scheduling.

Keywords: Optimization; Integer Programming; Networks & Graphs

ORS Research Committee

Richard Allmendinger.jpg (1)

Name: Richard Allmendinger

Occupational title: Senior Lecturer in Decision Sciences

Email: richard.allmendinger [at]


Research Interests: Methodology: metaheuristics, Bayesian optimisation, machine learning, clustering, explainable AI Problem features: multiple objectives, resourcing issues, dynamic constraints/objective functions/decision spaces, heterogeneous objective functions, safe vs unsafe search regions, applications: manufacturing, healthcare, drug development and delivery, personalized medicine, music, sports, forensics, feature-rich test problem generators

Keywords: Optimisation, multi-objective, artificial intelligence, evolutionary algorithms

Miguel F Anjos.jpg

Name: Miguel F. Anjos

Occupational title: Chair of Operational Research

Email: miguel.f.anjos [at]


Research interests: Mathematical Optimisation, Conic Optimisation, Power Systems, Smart Grids, Facility Layout

Keywords: Mathematical Programming, Combinatorial Optimisation, Energy, Revenue Management

ORS Research Committee


Name: Thomas Archibald

Occupational title: Professor of Business Modelling, University of Edinburgh Business School

Email: T.Archibald [at]

Research interests: Stochastic modelling particularly applied to supply chain management and retail operations. Applications of dynamic programming and Markov decision processes.

Keywords: Dynamic Programming; Supply Chain; Inventory

ORS Research Committee

Nursen Aydin.jpg

Name: Nursen Aydin

Occupational title: Associate Professor in Operational Research

Email: nursen.aydin [at]


Research Interests: Revenue management and pricing, optimisation under uncertainty, sustainable transport planning

Keywords: Revenue management; dynamic programming; mathematical programming


Name: Maria Battarra

Occupational title: Senior Lecturer

Email: m.battarra [at]


Research interests: Vehicle routing, production scheduling and humanitarian logistics.

Keywords: Vehicle Routing, Scheduling, Mathematical Programming and Metaheuristics.


Name: Ammar Al Bazi

Occupational title: Senior Lecturer/Assistant Professor

Email: aa8535[at]


Research Interests

Al-Bazi main research work has been in the area of simulation and optimisation of complex systems using hybrid approaches of discrete event, agent-based modelling, heuristics and meta-heuristics modelling in domain including renewable energy network management, production scheduling, warehouse and transportation management and inventory control.

Keywords: Genetic Algorithms, Optimisation, Simulation, Scheduling

Julia Bennell

Name: Julia Bennell

Occupational title: Executive Dean of Leeds University Business School


Research interests: Combinatorial Optimisation problems, in particular cutting and packing problems, scheduling problems and transportation problems.

Keywords: Optimisation; Transport; Resource utilisation

John Boylan.jpg

Name: John Boylan

Occupational title: Professor in Business Analytics

Email: j.boylan [at]


Research Interests: Supply chain forecasting, with a particular emphasis on demand forecasting for inventory management. Also interested in the process of forecasting and how it can be improved.

Keywords: Forecasting; Inventory; Time Series; Supply Chain


Name: Juergen Branke

Occupational title: Professor of Operational Research and Systems

Email: juergen.branke [at]


Research interests: Metaheuristics, Bayesian optimisation, optimisation under uncertainty, multi-objective optimisation and decision making, simulation optimisation, scheduling, logistics, machine learning

Keywords: Metaheuristics; Evolutionary Algorithms; Multi-objective; Vehicle Routing

ORS Research Committee

prof_edmund_k_burke cropped.jpg

Name: Edmund Burke

Occupational title: Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Email: dvc [at]


Research Interests: Decision support methodologies, metaheuristics and hyper-heuristics, scheduling, timetabling, transport logistics.

Keywords: Scheduling; Timetabling; Heuristics; Metaheuristics

Aakil Caunhye2.jpg

Name: Aakil Caunhye

Occupational title: Lecturer

Email: Aakil.Caunhye [at]


Research interests: Methodological Robust optimisation, especially data-driven ambiguity-averse robust optimisation; Stochastic programming; Cutting plane algorithms (Benders decomposition, row generation, approximations); Decision rules for stochastic programming and robust optimisation (Conditional-go, binary, finite adaptability, linear). Application areas so far: humanitarian logistics flexibility and real options in engineering systems design; resilience of critical infrastructure systems; power grid expansion planning; route restoration

Keywords: Robust Optimisation; Stochastic Programming


Name: Melih Celik

Occupational title: Senior Lecturer

Email: M.Celik [at]


Research interests: Health and humanitarian logistics applications; warehouse management; material handling; facility location and layout; heuristic and metaheuristic search

Keywords: Logistics, Location, Stochastic Programming and Vehicle Routing.

Bo Chen.jpg

Name: Bo Chen

Occupational title: Professor in Operational Research and Management Science

Email: b.chen [at]


Research Interests: Combinatorial optimisation; scheduling theory and applications; routing and transportation; game theory with mechanism design

Keywords: Combinatorial optimisation, game theory, scheduling, supply chain.


Name: Alistair Clark

Occupational title: Associate Professor in Operational Research and Faculty Director of Research

Email: Alistair.Clark [at]


Research interests: My research interests centre on the development of models and heuristic methods for problems of resources planning and scheduling. Such problems are often highly complex and can be solved to optimality for only very small instances. As a result approximate models and solution methods are developed suitable for operational use making use of integer programming and metaheuristic approaches.

Keywords: Production; Scheduling; Logistics; Developing Countries

Stefano Coniglio.png

Name : Stefano Coniglio

Occupational title: Associate Professor of Operational Research

Email: s.coniglio [at]

Research Interests : Combinatorial optimisation; integer programming; bilevel and hierarchical optimisation; algorithmic game theory

Keywords: Mathematical Programming; Optimisation; Game Theory;  Analytics

Christine Currie

Name: Dr Christine Currie

Occupational title: Associate Professor in Mathematical Sciences


Research interests: My research falls on the stochastic side of OR, with specific interests in simulation input/output analysis, healthcare, infectious disease modeling and revenue management.

Keywords: Decision Analysis, Simulation, Revenue management, Healthcare modelling

ORS Research Committee


Name: Dr Mahdi Doostmohammadi

Occupational title: Assistant Professor in Operational Research

Email: m.doostmohammadi [at]


Research interests: Mathematical optimisation, mixed integer optimisation, and network optimisation, and their applications, such as production planning, inventory routing, transportation and logistics, energy and healthcare.

Keywords: Mathematical Programming; Optimisation; Linear Programming; Integer Programming.


Name: Viktor Dörfler

Occupational title: Senior Lectuer in Information & Knowledge Management

Email: viktor.dorfler [at]


Research Interests: My research is focused on two interrelated areas. The first covers Artificial Intelligence, with an emphasis on knowledge-based expert systems. The second is concerned with personal and transpersonal knowledge and learning, particularly with the phenomena of intuition and creativity.

Keywords: Artificial intelligence, cognitive mapping, systems thinking, philosophy of OR


Name: Tillal Eldabi

Occupational title: Senior Lecturer

Email: tillal.eldabi [at]


Research Interests:

Developing frameworks for Hybrid Simulation for modelling complex systems with special emphasis on healthcare systems. He previously developed tailormade modelling packages to support health economists and clinicians to decide on the best treatment programs.

Keywords: Simulation, Health Services, Education, Statistics


Name: Dr Tracey England

Occupational title: Research Fellow, Cardiff University

Email: englandTJ [at]


Research interests: Simulation modelling, healthcare, time series and forecasting.

Keywords: Health Services, Forecasting, Simulation


Name: Güneş Erdoğan

Occupational title: Professor of Operational Research

Email: ge277 [at]


Research interests: Exact and heuristic algorithms for integer and mixed-integer optimisation problems and their applications to healthcare and logistics problems.

Keywords: Vehicle Routing, Location, Scheduling and Decision Support Systems.


Name: Jamie Fairbrother

Occupational title: Lecturer in Operational Research

Email: j.fairbrother [at]


Research Interests: Mixed integer linear programming, stochastic programming, transport and logistics

Keywords: Optimisation, Stochastic Programming, Logistics

gina Frei.jpg

Name: Regina Frei

Occupational title: Associate Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management

Email: r.frei [at]


Research Interests: Product returns in multichannel retail; reverse supply chains; circular economy; sharing economy; access-based business models; sustainability; global value chains; sustainable development; plastics recycling; corporate social responsibility.

Keywords: Environment; Retailing; Supply Chain; Sustainability

Jacek Gondzio

Name: Professor Jacek Gondzio

Occupational title: Professor of Optimisation


Research interests: Linear programming, non-linear programming, large scale optimisation, parallel computing

Keywords: Linear Programming; Non-Linear Programming; Optimization

Paul Harper.png

Name: Professor Paul Harper

Occupational title: Professor of OR

Email: harper [at]


Research interests: Stochastic OR, including queueing theory, simulation methods, optimisation, and game theory; Modelling of healthcare systems; Modelling for the prevention, early detection and treatment of diseases; Machine learning and data mining techniques

Keywords: Queueing; Simulation; Health Services; Behavioural OR

ORS Research Committee


Name: Emma Hart

Occupational title: Professor

Email: e.hart [at]


Research interests: Lifelong-learning in the context of (1) optimisation methods that continually improve over time through experience and adapt to changing characteristics, and (2) optimisation and learning in swarm robotics, using bio-inspired approaches to generate, improve and adapt algorithms on the fly.

Keywords: Optimisation; Evolutionary Algorithms; Metaheuristics; Combinatorial Optimisation

ORS Research Committee


Name: Abdul Jabbar

Occupational title: Head of Digital Transformation

Email: a.jabbar[@]

Research Interests: I am currently working on research with a focus on authenticity, traceability, and accuracy through the implementation and use of Blockchain, smart contracts within supply chain systems. This is a relatively new area that looks at how new upcoming disruptive elements can change the way organisations view data storage and the services they provide. His main research work at the moment revolves around the following: Blockchain and supply chain Smart contracts Online security and fraud Social Media Influence Big Data Analytics

Keywords: Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Supply Chain.

Tom Jackson2.jpg

Name: Tom Jackson

Occupational title: Professor of Information and Knowledge Management

Email: t.w.jackson [at] 


Research interests: He has over 16 years’ experience of research and industrial consultancy and secured over £16M of research funding. His EMOTIVE research holds the world’s best f-measure for fine grained emotion detection and has the ability to identify mental health conditions. He has also spent over 15 years researching workplace email stress.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence; Analytics; Data Mining; Systems Thinking


Name: Wendy Jiao

Occupational title: Senior Lecturer in Operations Management

Email: W.Jiao [at]


Research interested: My research covers operations research and stochastic optimization, mainly concentrating on dynamic revenue management, capacity management, and inventory management. I specifically investigate different theoretical and analytical methods and adopts them to examine dynamic linear/nonlinear pricing problems.

Keywords: Revenue Management, Inventory, Markov Processes, Dynamic Programming

Owen Jones.jpg

Name: Owen Jones

Occupational title: Chair in Operational Research

Email: joneso18 [at]


Research interests: Stochastic modelling and simulation likelihood free estimation water risk and management energy and sustainability

Keywords: Stochastic Processes, Simulation, Environment


rhydlewissmall.jpg (1)

Name: Rhyd Lewis

Occupational title: Reader in Mathematics and Operational Research

Email: lewisr9 [at]


Research interests: The application and analysis of metaheuristic and integer programming algorithms; Algorithmic graph theory;Graph colouring; - Operating theatre scheduling; School bus routing; Automated timetabling (course and exam) and related problems; Grouping/Partitioning problems; Sports timetabling, particularly round-robin scheduling;Solving sudoku problems with metaheuristics; Bin-packing, trapezoid (trapezium) packing, and the equal-piles problem; Vehicle routing and arc routing, particularly dynamic variants of the problem.

Keywords: Vehicle Routing; Networks and Graphs; Metaheuristics


Name: Jiyin Liu

Occupational title: Professor of Operations Management

Email: j.y.liu [at]


Research interests: Operations planning and scheduling in logistics and production systems, Integer programming and heuristics

Keywords: Logistics, Scheduling, Optimisation, Heuristics.

ORS Research Committee

Itamar Megiddo.jpg

Name: Itamar Megiddo

Occupational title: Chancellor's Fellow, Lecturer

Email: itamar.megiddo [at]


Research interests: Integrating disease and economic models for policy impact evaluation and decision analysis. I am particularly interested in agent-based modelling. Topics of interest include global health, antimicrobial resistance and systems for healthcare delivery.

Keywords: Simulation; Decision Analysis; Health Services; Developing Countries


Name: Meng Meng

Occupational title: Senior Lecturer

Email: mm3042 [at]


Research Interests: My research interests focus on sustainable transportation planning, travel behaviour analysis, network modelling and logistics management. I am recently keen to find out the optimal planning and operational strategy for mobility sharing service.

Keywords: Optimisation; Transport; Logistics; Behavioural OR

Portrait of Gilberto Montibeller

Name: Gilberto Montibeller

Occupational title: Professor of Management Science

Email: g.montibeller [at]


Research interests: Cognitive aspects of risk and decision analysis and formal conceptualisation of decision aiding practices. Main areas of applications are resource allocation against emerging threats and multi-criteria prioritisation for health policy making.

Keywords: Multi-criteria; Decision Analysis; Risk; Behavioural OR


Nirmalya Kumar Mohanty.jpg

Name: Nirmalya Kumar Mohanty

Occupational title: Researcher on Operations Research

Email: nkmmaths [at]


Research Interests: Application of Optimisation in Machine Learning

Keyword: Combinatorial Optimisation; Analytics; Developing Countries; Mathematical Programming.

Lucy Morgan_ResearcherProfile.jpg

Name: Lucy Morgan

Occupational title: Development Lecturer

Email: l.e.morgan [at]


Research interests: My research interests are in simulation and stochastic modelling. My work to date has focused on developing new methodology for modelling and generating non-homogeneous Poisson processes, quantifying input uncertainty and detecting input bias.

Keywords: Simulation, Statistics

ORS Research Committee


Name: Navonil Mustafee

Occupational title: Professor of Analytics and Operations Management

Email: n.mustafee [at]


Research Interests: My research focuses on Modelling & Simulation (M&S) methodologies and its application in areas such as healthcare, supply chain management and the circular economy. A particular area of interest is in Hybrid Modelling and Simulation.

The objective is to develop the best possible representation of the system under scrutiny by leveraging not only the strengths of individual M&S techniques (e.g., system dynamics, agent-based and discrete-event simulation) but also methods and techniques from wider disciplines such as Operational Research (OR), Applied Computing and Data Science. I am also interested in Bibliometric Analysis of knowledge domains and use methods like co-citation and meta-data analysis for this body of work.

Keywords: Simulation, Soft OR, Health Services, Practice of OR


Name: Tri-Dung Nguyen

Occupational title: Associate Professor in Operational Research and Management Science

Email: T.D.Nguyen [at]


Research interests: Game Theory, Mathematical Modelling, Optimisation, Uncertainty/Robust Optimisation, Computational Algebraic Geometry.

Keywords: Game theory, mathematical modelling and optimisation.

ORS Research Committee

stephan_onggo.jpg_sia_jpg_fit_to_width_inline (003).jpg

Name: Stephan Onggo

Occupational title: Associate Professor of Business Analytics

Email: b.s.s.onggo [at]


Research interests: Simulation modelling methodology (symbiotic simulation, hybrid modelling, agent-based simulation, discrete-event simulation, simulation optimisation) with applications in supply chain management, operations management and health and social care.

Keywords: Simulation, Decision Analysis, Developing Countries, Analytics




Sheeba Pathak.jpg

Name: Sheeba Pathak

Occupational title: Entrepreneur/Consultant pursuing a Doctoral Position

Email: pathaksheeba24 [at]


Research interests: Devising processes and metrics as well as decision-making frameworks and system strategies to ensure constraints are reduced and ultimately eliminated. Would be happy to co-author and collaborate on papers with anyone keen on imparting a two-way knowledge on the OR Mathematical aspects. Looking for inputs on 3 papers. Write to me to connect.

Keywords: Optimisation, Decision Analysis, Supply Chain and Statistics.


Dobrila Petrovic.jpg

Name : Dobrila Petrovic

Occupational title: Professor of Optimisation and Contro;

Email: d.petrovic [at]


Research Interests :  Modelling and treatment of uncertainty, using non-conventional methods such as fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic, optimisation and multi-objective optimisation, fuzzy optimisation in various areas including - supply chain management, scheduling in healthcare, production scheduling and re-scheduling, inventory control, reverse logistics, and forecasting

Keywords: Supply Chain, Fuzzy Sets, Inventory, Optimisation

Sanja Petrovic.jpg

Name:  Sanja Petrovic

Occupational title: Professor of Operational Research

Email: sanja.petrovic [at]


Research Interests : Models, heuristics and algorithms for a variety of real world scheduling problems, including radiotherapy planning and scheduling, production scheduling, nurse rostering, and employee timetabling. Methodologies: case-based reasoning, multicriteria decision making, modelling of uncertainty by fuzzy sets, meta-heuristics, and hyper-heuristics.

Keywords: Scheduling, Metaheuristics, Multi-objective, Health Services



Robert Pieczykolan.jpg

Name: Robert Pieczykolan

Occupation title: Research Associate at PIQC Institute of Quality

Email: robert12 [at]


Research interests: Artificial Intelligence for Managing Quality in different sectors (Quality 4.0). Keywords: Quality Control, Inspection and Quality Assurance using Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analysis in relation to Quality, Use of Robotics in Quality (any manufacturing or service sector)

Keywords: Data Mining, Quality, Performance Measurement, Statistics

Arne Strauss 2020.jpg

Name: Dr Arne K Strauss

Occupational title: Professsor, Mercator Endowed Chair of Demand Management & Sustainable Transport

Email: Arne.Strauss [at]


Research interests:I am working mostly at the intersection of demand management and sustainable transportation, with a focus on optimisation and choice modelling.

Keywords: Optimisation under uncertainty, revenue/demand management, choice modelling, transportation

ORS Research Committee

EPSRC SAT Mathematical Sciences


Name: Ming-Chien Sung

Occupational title: Professor of Risk and Decision Sciences

Email: ms9 [at]


Research interests: My key research is to forecast and improve real-world risk-taking and decision-making by developing an understanding of the factors which influence decisions in wider financial markets and human society, through the application of a range of methodologies and innovative modelling techniques (including AI).

Keywords: Artificial intelligence, behavioural OR, decision analysis and forecasting.

Low Jacco Thijssen 03.jpg

Name: Jacco Thijssen

Occupational title: Professor of Mathematical Finance

Email: jacco.thijssen [at]


Research interests: My main research interests are in the application of optimal stopping theory, stochastic control theory, game theory and general equilibrium theory to (real) investment problems under uncertainty in economics and finance, as well as in the development of these methods for new applications..

Keywords: Finance, Dynamic Programming, Stochastic Processes, Game Theory.

ORS Research Committee

Yalabik B 29990-0097.jpg

Name: Baris Yalabik

Occupational title: Associate Professor

Email: by212 [at]


Research Interests: Strategic interaction (mainly in the context of sustainability). Teaching innovation

Keywords: Game Theory; Decision Analysis; Education


Name: E. Alper Yildirim

Occupational title: Lecturer

Email: E.A.Yildirim [at]


Research interests: Mathematical Optimization; Continuous Optimization; Convex and Nonconvex Optimization; Algorithm Design, Analysis and Implementation; Optimization in Real-Life Applications; Operational Research

Keywords: Optimisation; Mathematical Programming; Non-linear Programming

Huan Yu.jpg

Name: Huan Yu

Occupational title: Lecturer in Business Analytics

Email: Huan.Yu [at]


Research interests: Huan’s research interests are customer learning, demand modelling and decision-making optimization under uncertainty. She uses various business analytics tools, including machine learning and econometric methods, to develop customer behaviour and demand modelling. Recently she is working on data-driven research, including developing integrated estimation and optimization methods to improve business decisions, such us pricing, assortment, order and inventory decisions.

Keywords: Analytics, Optimisation, Data Mining and Revenue Management.


Alain Zemkoho

Name:Alain Zemkoho

Occupational title: Associate Professor

Email: a.b.zemkoho [at]


Research Interests: Bilevel optimisation, hierarchical optimisation, continuous optimisation, numerical optimisation methods, variational analysis

Keywords: Mathematical Programming; Non-linear Programming; Optimisation; Robust Optimisation

Konstantinos Zografos.jpg

Name: Konstantinos Zografos

Occupational title: Distinguished Professor Operational Research

Email: k.zografos [at]


Research interests: Airport planning and operations, air traffic management, vehicle routing and scheduling, hazardous materials transportation, emergency response logistics, itinerary planning, and project management.

Keywords: Transport, Vehicle Routing and Scheduling.

ORS Research Committee

Li Zhou.jpg

Name: Li Zhou

Occupational title: Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management

Email: zl14 [at]


Research Interests: Supply chain modelling and simulation; Bid-data application in supply chain; Closed-loop supply chain, especially, reverse logistics; System dynamic performance assessment.

Keywords: Supply Chain; Environment; Inventory: Education


Name: Lisa Jackson

Occupational title: Professor of Risk and Reliability Assessment

Email: l.m.jackson [at]


Research Interests: Risk analysis and reliability assessment of safety critical systems and processes, health monitoring including diagnostic and prognostic algorithms, and resilience modelling of transportation networks.

Keywords; Reliability, Risk, Maintenance, Simulation

Jesse O'Hanley.jpg

Name :Jesse O'Hanley

Occupational title : Professor of Environmental Systems Management

Email :j.ohanley [at]


Research Interests : mixed integer linear programming; heuristic algorithms; discrete-event and Monte Carlo simulation; location modeling; transportation and logistics; environmental management; biodiversity conservation; applied research

Keywords; Optimisation, Integer Programming, Environment, Sustainability

Prashant Prakash Deshpande.jpeg

Name: Prashant Prakash Deshpande

Occupational title: Consultant

Email: idprashantd[at]


Research Interests: Strategy and OR ; Strategic Planning; Optimisation


Name: Ramakrishnan Ramanathan

Occupational title: Professor

Email: r.ramanathan[at]


Research Interests

Mathematical programming, decision analysis, Analytic Hierarchy Process, Data Envelopment Analysis, Environmental sustainability, Operations Management

Keyword: Goal Programming, Analytics, Supply Chain; Sustainability.

Alireza Soroudi.png

Name: Alireza Soroudi

Occupational title: Lecturer in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, UCD

Email:  alireza.soroudi [at]

Website :

Research Interests: Optimization of Distribution Networks (operation and planning) Artificial Intelligence and heuristic optimisation techniques with application to power systems Uncertainty modelling techniques with application to power system studies

Keywords: Robust Optimisation, Scheduling,  Stochastic Programming, Integer Programming

Knoo Voon Ching.jpg

Name: Khoo Voon Ching

Occupational title: Technological Business Development Manager[at]

Research Interests: Engineering management. technology management, cost reduction through technology, and the efficiency of technology to improve the human condition.

Keywords: Optimisation,  Efficiency, Pricing, Robust Optimisation

Sonya Crowe.jpg

Name: Sonya Crowe

Occupational title: Professor of Operational Research

Email: sonya [at] [email protected]


Research Interests: 

My current research interests include: combining quantitative and qualitative OR methods to improve services that span multiple sectors; linking national datasets to support quality improvement in services for congenital heart disease; and enhancing the effectiveness of OR in contributing to improvement.

Keywords: Health Services, Practice of OR; Analytics; Queuing.