Mentor Program

Unlock your potential with the OR Society's mentor programme

We believe in the transformative power of mentorship, tailored to elevate your career in operational research or analytics.

Our mentor scheme is designed to provide unique professional development support, personalised to your specific career goals. It's a journey where mentors and mentees collaborate to define and achieve goals, breaking them down into manageable outcomes – a learning experience you won't find in a traditional training course.

Benefits of the OR Society mentor programmme

Career Aspiration[47]

Tailored Professional Development: Your mentorship experience is uniquely crafted around your career aspirations. Define your goals collaboratively, and work through them with the guidance of seasoned OR professionals.


Two-Way Learning: Mentorship is a dynamic exchange. As a mentee, you gain from your mentor's knowledge and experience, while mentors enhance their interpersonal skills and gain a fresh perspective on the workplace.


Networking Opportunities: Tap into new contacts, discover different businesses, and explore diverse working methods and approaches.

Where it fits into your OR Society membership

Access to the mentoring programme is part of your membership. With a profile highlighting your preferences, you can find mentors or mentees aligned with your goals and timeframes. The beauty of our mentoring network lies in its independence – encouraging candid conversations about your challenges without workplace repercussions.

How it boosts your OR career

Whether you're in a new role, tackling a project, or venturing into entrepreneurship, our mentor program is your confidence boost. Connect with someone who's navigated similar challenges successfully. In our fast-paced industry, mentorships provide a valuable platform for learning and development, removing guesswork from your business and career decisions.

Why choose mentorship with the OR Society?

In a world of tried-and-tested experiences, our mentors bring real-world know-how to your doorstep. Empower yourself at every career level, gain insights, and make informed decisions. With mentorship, your next move becomes a well-guided step towards success in your career. Join the OR Society's mentor programme – because in our industry, mentorship is the key to unlocking excellence.

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