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The main aim of the SIG is to foster interest in behavioural science and its usefulness for OR and to organise events which will be of interest to practitioners and academics alike. A secondary aim is to increase public knowledge and awareness of OR in general. Just as behavioural work from the likes of Simon, Kahneman and Gigerenzer has made contributions to economics, healthcare and policy, there is potential for similar benefits from behavioural OR.

The current growth in interest in behavioural OR stems from a long observed gap in 'people issues' in a wide sense, coupled with the emergence of a set of methods that promise the potential of being able to address such issues (Mingers and Rosenhead; Gary et al). The recognition of this gap is not new, nor does it represent a revolution of the field of OR, but what is perhaps new is the emergence of a set of methods and structured areas of study from behavioural science that may allow a more rigorous and systematic approach to behavioural issues within the OR field. For example, developments in OR could occur through integrating insights from cognitive modelling into human judgment and decision-making under uncertainty or from social experiments into the study of group behaviour. Equally, advances in computing as applied to the social sciences, particularly the increasing interest in agent-based modelling, is opening up new avenues for research which behavioural OR can explore.

Committee Details

Konstantinos Katsikopoulos Chair
Jonathan Malpass Secretary
Katharina Burger Committee Member
Valentina Ferretti Committee Member
Richard Underwood Committee Member
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Emerging and interdisciplinary perspectives

Join us to revisit the hopes and priorities for the BOR community that we ‘problem-structured’ at the first BOR Summer School at Aalto University in 2016. Where has BOR taken us, 5 years on? And how can we shape the next 5 years?

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14:30 Welcome

14:35 Introduction
Prof Alberto Franco, Loughborough University (UK) and Coordinator of the European Working Group on Behavioural OR: Taking stock of behavioural OR- A review of behavioural studies with an intervention focus

14:50 Short Presentations
Dr Tuomas Lahtinen, Aalto University (Finland): Path dependence in Operations Research practice
Dr Aysegül Engin, University of Vienna (Austria): The cognitive ability and working memory framework
Dr Alice H. Aubert: OR processes online with laypeople: behavioural issues
Dr Marta Lopes: Interdisciplinary perspectives on Energy and Behaviour: Towards a Low Carbon Future
Dr Firouzeh Taghikhah: Exploring consumer behaviour and policy options in organic food adoption: Insights from the Australian wine sector
Dr Kat Burger: Behavioural Operational Research: A Capabilities Approach

15:30 Comfort Break

15:40 Breakout group sessions - Emerging topics
1- Open science & replications (facilitator: Dr Tuomas Lahtinen)
2- Social media for research and community development
 3- Teaching and training BOR: resources and reference materials (facilitator: Dominic Finn)

16:00 Feedback

16:15 Event close

Optional: zoom will stay open for another 15 min for an networking

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