North Western OR Group (NWORG)

Operational Research within the Northern Powerhouse

The NWORG is your regional society – our aim is to provide a focus for operational researchers and to reach out to anyone interested in finding out about operational research here in the North West. The NWORG is run by OR Society members, encompassing both OR practitioners and academics alike, who share a passion for the practice and application of OR. We take our inspiration from the OR community in the region and put on a selection of events throughout the year to support OR activities: Our meetings provide opportunities to expand your network and engage with organisations utilising OR with impact.

NWORG meetings have covered a range of topical areas including pro bono OR, emergency planning, logistics, OR in government and a special joint meeting with the Simulation Special Interest Group (SIG). We have had site visits to Amazon's Manchester Facility and to Hartree at Daresbury Science Park.

Invited speakers to our meetings include OR experts from IBM, HMRC, The OR Society, Lancaster University, Manchester University, Liverpool University, Manchester Metropolitan University, Amazon Plc, Hartree, Sellafield Ltd and United Utilities. 

Our events are held across the North West to create more opportunities for people to get involved, with meetings held in Manchester, Liverpool and Warrington.

Future meetings scheduled include: Transport for the North and GCHQ both in Manchester. Details for all our events appear on the NWORG web pages.

The NWORG is looking to expand the type of meetings held in the future, in addition to our topical meetings we are looking to include networking events, socials and company visits.

If you would like to be part of a vibrant organising team get in touch or speak to one of our NWORG Committee when you attend our meetings.

Committee Details

Tony Hines Chair
Alison Gaskill Secretary
Chris Kirkbride Regional Representative on General Council
Barry Daniels Committee
Debra Charnley Committee
Oliver Kayas Committee
Rebecca Wilson Committee

Come to our next event

NWORG Cyber Security - in the 21st Century

Cyber Security is the 21st century business imperative. We welcome Karl Hargrave from the Security Foundry.

Wed, 10 March 2021

14:00 – 15:30 

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The role effective cyber security has today, how businesses and organisations can effectively continue to operate in today’s ‘twilight’ economy here in 2021 and how they keep themselves and their users secure and protected from hostile online threats against a challenging operational backdrop. We will cover a range of topics including the practical role of AI, what is called next generation technologies and what they mean for the traditional IT environment, corporate responsibilities and how they should take on board new ways of working, user education, identity management, privileged users, end user devices, protecting yourself from scams and BYOD policies. Using practical examples and meaningful insights gained from working with organisations both before and during lockdowns, we hope to inform a wide range of attendees on what they can do to stay secure, and where they can start making some immediate improvements to their own environment if cyber security hasn’t been top and centre of their focus up until now.

Meet Our Speaker

Karl Hargrave has over twenty-years experience in business development and delivery of cyber security solutions, business management software and managed services IT solutions to leading UK organisations. Used to working at board level helping organisations transform their businesses using appropriate technologies in Cyber Security, Software and Infrastructure solutions.


14.00 Welcome and introduction - Professor Tony Hines, NWORG Chair

14.10 Cyber Security - Karl Hargrave, Director Security Foundry

15.05 Winning an OR Scholarship - Maryam Mojdehi, OR Scholarship Award

15.30 Close

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What do you want from the NWORG?

We work best with ideas from the OR community and we take our lead from you. Attending meetings shows fantastic support for the regional society. But what activities would you like the NWORG to put on? We welcome any contribution from topics for meetings, contributing or speaking at meetings or even getting on board with the NWORG committee itself – we are a diverse group that are looking to expand!

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Manchester Central Library, St Peter's Square

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