Masters Scholarships Recent Winners

For the academic year 2019/2020, we have two new masters students that are about to embark upon their studies, with the help of OR Society sponsorship. Meet our newest scholarship students:

Rebecca Eccles

I live in Edinburgh and have been working as a research scientist within the food and beverage industry for the last 8 years. My interest in data analytics has grown after being involved in collaborative projects with other research institutes and universities that seemed to have a much better understanding of the techniques involved than we did, because our company required external assistance to create any kind of modelling of our data.

I have been trying to improve my knowledge, without support at work, by learning R and python online whilst attending relevant meet-ups in the Edinburgh area. In future I hope to use operational research techniques to process data in an untargeted manner and make conclusive decisions from it. At work I have been researching the best ways to identify counterfeit alcohol through chemical analysis. Over a million jobs in the EU are based on the spirit drink sector, and a massive fraud alert would put these jobs at risk. By analyzing the entire profile of the product along with other metadata I believe it will be much easier to identify such fraud in the future.

I am pleased to have been accepted to study Data Analytics at Strathclyde Business School in Glasgow. And I am incredibly thankful for the scholarship from The OR Society that has allowed me to stop work and study full time. I am excited to return to education and I hope to explore different options for future career development, whether that is returning to chemistry after graduation or starting a new path in a different industry.

Martha McKenna

As an analytically minded person, I am drawn to the scientific way of decision-making that OR presents, and to its opportunities for innovation. I recently graduated from The University of Leeds where I studied BSc International Business with classes exploring analytics and management science in particular. I undertook a year in industry placement year at Airbus where I worked alongside OR practitioners analysing inter-factory logistics. We created detailed logistics, routing and scheduling models for critical aircraft components. The analysis allowed for key areas of improvement and informed leaner delivery procedures.

I greatly enjoyed my year at Airbus and my experiences cemented my ambition to pursue a career in analytics. To build a successful career as an OR practitioner, I must develop the technical and consulting skills required to effectively manage and act on analytical insights. I have therefore enrolled on the MSc Business Analytics course at Loughborough University to develop rigorous practical analytical skills and begin to build a professional network. The course includes modules on decision, policy and strategy analytics and offers the chance to explore big data analysis and management along with a practical analytics project at the end of the course. This will be an excellent opportunity to put my skills to the test through applying them to a real-world project and to gain more practical experience. 

I am excited to be at the start of my career in such an innovative and fast-paced field, and also one which is important to many different areas of business. I am extremely grateful for the support of The Operational Research Society as I begin my
masters degree.

For more information about the OR Society’s £10,000 Scholarships for Master’s Degree Students contact: [email protected]