39th International Symposium on Military Operational Research (39 ISMOR)

19 – 21 July 2022 | Royal Holloway University

Sponsored by the UK Ministry of Defence, ISMOR is an annual international symposium which offers a unique opportunity to spend quality time exploring the application of analysis to practical issues in defence and security with a wide range of colleagues from across the world.

Due to COVID-19, the 2020 event (ISMOR 37) was cancelled and the 2021 symposium (ISMOR 38) was held online. We are therefore very pleased to announce that ISMOR 39 will return in July 2022 as a residential event, with selected elements available to remote attendees.

The return of the in-person symposium

This year we will run a mix of both a face to face at Royal Holloway University and a virtual event. Workshops will run on Tuesday 19 July and will be face to face only (no virtual element). However, the remaining two days will be virtual and face to face.

Delegates will be able to discover the latest defence analysis methods and techniques through:

  • presentations about analysis applied to real-world defence and security problems
  • opportunities to discuss and question defence professionals and leading experts from across the globe
  • other interactive sessions
  • presentation of your work to a respected international professional audience

As well as inspiring experienced practitioners with new approaches and providing informal testing of ideas, ISMOR offers an excellent development opportunity for early career analysts.

Themes for 2022 will include:

  • Analysis in a changing world. Understanding how to deliver robust and resilient analyses in the face of a rapidly evolving environment, including such factors as novel threats and climate change.
  • The OR of value. Helping decision makers to recognize and select affordable options delivering value for money.
  • Multidisciplinary analysis. Harnessing multiple techniques and disciplines to provide a more robust evidence base for decision making.

Symposium Co-Chairs: Keith Goodman and Carly Porrett
Programme Chair: Ben Taylor


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Here are five good reasons why you should attend:

  • Analysis of real-world defence and security problems explored in engaging presentations
  • Multiple masterclasses and workshops from leading experts
  • A dynamic poster session
  • The chance to present your work in front of a respected audience
  • A unique opportunity to network with global defence professionals.

Royal Holloway University

ISMOR is delivered in partnership with:


As well as inspiring experienced practitioners with new approaches and providing informal testing of ideas, ISMOR offers excellent development for early career analysts.

ISMOR is being managed by The OR Society with the Defence Special Interest Group of the society playing a key role.