OR in the Third Sector

The third sector is usually defined by what it is not! It comprises of organisations that are neither part of government (widely defines) nor of the commercial, for-profit sector.

As such its decisions cannot so easily be judged against the criteria of either political ideology or profit. Moreover, it has a wide range of organisational forms, including charities, community groups, voluntary societies, each with their own governance arrangements. It therefore presents unique challenges and opportunities for the operational researcher.

OR in the Third Sector (ORiTS) is open to anyone with an interest in the subject. It aims to help analysts working in, or with an interest in, third sector organisations to do a better job, ORiTS comprises analysts from both OR and other related disciplines that use similar tools, techniques and approaches. It meets periodically, usually with speakers with specialist knowledge of the sector. Those meetings also provide an opportunity to network with others, to exchange experiences and offer mutual support.

Committee details

Malcolm Fenby Chair
Ruth Kaufman Committee Member
Paul Randall Committee Member
Miles Weaver Committee Member
Louise Allison Committee Member
PIP staff and volunteers

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Celebrating the achievements of the Pro Bono OR scheme

Louise Allison, Pro Bono OR Manager, The OR Society

Date: 13 July 2022, 14.00 - 15.00

Providing third sector organisations with access to OR is hugely beneficial. Quite often, these organisations do not have the knowledge about OR, how it can help or access to OR consultants. Even if they do want to use OR, they may not have the in-house resource to run their own project or funds to pay for a consultant. This is where Pro Bono OR comes in.

Over 150 pro bono projects have been supported by volunteers from the OR community since the scheme started over 10 years ago. In this talk, Louise will give an overview of how Pro Bono OR has helped, covering the types of projects that have been undertaken and the organisations that have been supported. Louise will share some recent success stories including feedback from the clients and the volunteers, and then look ahead to the future of Pro Bono OR.

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