The OR Society has a Research Committee, which is responsible for developing and nurturing new OR funding opportunities, establishing collaborative research relationships, and influencing government STEM and leading research bodies. The committee meets on a quarterly basis and is composed of members with significant national and international research experience.  

What is it?

Operational research encompasses a wide range of problem-solving techniques and methods applied in the pursuit of improved decision-making. Research in OR, therefore, spans theoretical developments underpinning OR techniques through to research on practical applications. Consequently, OR research is often undertaken in collaboration between academia and industry.

Who does it?

Our Researchers Database lists the interests and expertise of academics and practitioners by their research methods and application areas. It is a highly useful resource for:

  • Those considering a career in research
  • Connecting researchers to work on collaborative projects
  • Facilitating networking between academics and practitioners

We also have some helpful resources from experienced OR researchers:

Researchers Database

Top Tips: Research Funding

Top Tips: Reviewing a Research Proposal

Who funds it?

Research grants can be very competitive and trying to navigate the plethora of research funding sources can be overwhelming. There may even be research councils, charitable organisations, trusts and societies offering relevant research funding opportunities that you weren’t aware of. The OR Society maintains a comprehensive list of research funding sourcesopen funding calls and has an EPSRC funding dashboard for operational research so you can see funding success rates.

Funding Sources

A comprehensive list of research funding sources

Open Funding Calls

EPSRC Funding Dashboard

Approved OR grants

EPSRC Funding Dashboard

Health Foundation Catalyst Projects

The Health Foundation and Health Data Research UK are jointly funding a new initiative to improve patient care through data-driven health and care decisions.

We have £600,000 funding for up to four projects that should commence by 1 May 2020 and run for 12 months.

Closing date: 11 March 2020.

EPSRC Not-Equal Network Plus Call for Collaborative Proposals

The EPSRC funded Social Justice through the Digital Economy Network Plus, otherwise known as Not-Equal, is pleased to announce their 2nd Call for Collaborative Proposals.

Closing date: 30 April 2020

Manufacturing the Future: Standard Research Proposals

The EPSRC Manufacturing the Future theme invites standard research proposals for consideration at a manufacturing-focused prioritisation panel. A standard Manufacturing panel will be held every quarter (subject to sufficient demand). Proposals for any panel should address key research challenges facing manufacturing in the UK today and in the future. This activity is intended to highlight the theme’s long term ambition to increase the number of investigator- led research ideas we support.


Closing date: 31 March 2020