Silver and Bronze Medals

Previous Silver Medal Winners

The Silver medal was awarded for sustained contribution over many years to the theory, practice, or philosophy of OR in the UK, this was superseded by the current Beale Medal.

Winner Year
Professor G Dantzig           1986
Mr L V Kantorovich           1986
Professor S Eilon             1982
Professor E M L Beale      1980
Mr E K G James             1979
Sir Geoffrey Vickers           1975
Professor R L Ackoff           1971
Mr A M Lee              1970
Professor R T Eddison          1969
Professor B H P Rivett          1968
Professor K D Tocher          1967
Professor P M Morse           1965
Sir Charles Goodeve           1964

Previous Bronze Medal Winners

The Bronze medal was for the Best Paper written by a Society member. This medal was replaced by the Best Paper Award in the individual academic journals.

Winner Year
A M Duguid              1972
C G Moss                 1972
F K Lyness                1970
M F Cantley            1969
D J Chambers              1968
J Stringer                 1967
T A Burgin                 1967
A R Wild                  1967
R M Adelson                1965