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January 2022

France provides 24.5 million euros for OR to improve projects fighting diseases

In the last decade, France has provided €24.5 million to support 22 OR projects and 35 'research missions' to help improve the work of fighting HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria across francophone countries, many of which are in the developing world. Now there is a new call for the next phase of funding.

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December 2021

Consultation on National Academy for Mathematical Sciences

Following the 2018 Bond Review, the Council for Mathematical Sciences (CMS) wishes to consult the wider mathematical sciences community on proposals to establish a National Academy for Mathematical Sciences, with the aims of supporting future mathematical scientists and improving mathematical literacy more generally.

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November 2021

Employees across industries are quitting in record numbers

A study by global management consultants McKinsey shows that employees are leaving their jobs at unprecedented rates across the developed world, with many employers struggling to understand why.

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