February Webinar


This talk explores how a practitioner can develop a Soft OR practice by using Rich Notes, a novel approach to note taking and diagramming during online meetings that uses a non-linear, non-hierarchical, unconstrained and distributed layout that helps explore the richness of real-world problematic situations. Rich Notes has been developed within an action research programme consisting of over 500 real-world participant interactions and focuses on how practitioners can listen to different perspectives, integrate different points of view, document learning, summarise insights and propose action to be taken. Using Rich Notes in your practice can help you understand what the client needs more quickly and suggest proposals for work that are shorter and more "on point" and increase the chances of being commissioned, in addition to helping structure and manage the delivery of projects.

Karthik Suresh is a Management Consultant and Chartered Engineer with a background in global energy and sustainability products and services. With a career spanning nearly two decades, Karthik has expertise in continuous innovation, system development and data analytics. He has developed service lines around sustainability consultancy and reporting services, energy risk management, property portfolio management, utility infrastructure services, and complying with green legislation. He was introduced to Soft OR and Problem Structuring Methods (PSMs) in 2013, starting with Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) and has applied these methods in practice in the energy and sustainability space, developing new tools along the way. He holds an MBA with Distinction (2014) and a First-Class M.Eng. Hons in Electronic Engineering from the University of Sheffield. He is also currently pursuing a part-time PhD in Management at the University of Hull.