OR, Analytics, and Education

The OR, Analytics, and Education SIG (OAESIG), is a forum that aims to gather academics and practitioners at the intersection of OR and Business Analytics to discuss, highlight and develop/propose effective and contemporary practices/ideas related to pedagogy, teaching, and learning within the Higher Education (HE) sector.

Within this context, particular emphasis could be placed on topics including, but not limited to:

  1. The taxonomy in a Problem-Based Learning approach (considering the extent of involvement of the tutor and the level of information needed to solve a particular problem);
  2. The gamified approach (game elements e.g., points, badges, leader boards, progress bars) to be embedded into the curriculum of a module or programme of studies;
  3. "Modules of tomorrow" to engrain an analytical mindset in future managers; the skills that a learner needs regarding data acquisition, preparation, analysis, visualization, interpretation and communication, in order to be consistent with industry trends and job prospects in the Business Analytics domain;
  4. Software for effective visualisations of the data and the associated relationships; modes of delivery; methods for assessing in an authentic way and giving effective feedback;
  5. Developing data analytics certificate programs for business majors, etc. This is expected to have a wider focus and hopefully impact to people with common interests in this particular field nationally and internationally.
  6. The application of learning analytics – the intersection of analytics and pedagogy – towards enhancing teaching and learning especially within the HE context.

Committee Details


Marios Dominikos Kremantzis Co-Chair
Heather He Co-Chair
Matthew Higgs Secretary
Aniekan Essien Committee Member
Wayne Holland Committee Member
Eylul Sadanoglu Committee Member
Anthi Chondrogianni Committee Member
Fatima Lopez Castellanos Committee Member
Christine O’Dea Committee Member
Muhidin A. Mohamed Committee Member


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OR, Analytics, & Education SIG - Roundtable Discussion 

1 March 2023, 16.00 - 17.30

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We would like to invite you to take part in the next OR, Analytics and Education event on 1st March, hosting a roundtable discussion around the following topics:

• What could an ideal ratio between compulsory and elective modules be? Do you agree that the number of compulsory modules should be minimised to give students the liberty to choose the ones they are interested in?

• To your opinion, which modules need to be involved in the curriculum of a business analytics degree as compulsory to ensure students will acquire all the essential skills for their professional endeavours?

• What makes a good candidate for a degree in business analytics, and what prerequisites should they have?

• What are the most significant challenges of developing/leading/delivering business/data analytics programmes at Business Schools?

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