Continuing Professional Development CPD

What is Contining Professional Development (CPD)?

CPD refers to the knowledge and experience that you gain, both formally and informally, as you work, beyond any initial qualification. It is an ongoing process and continues throughout your professional career.

Sometimes aspects of it are mandated by professional organisations or required by codes of conduct/ethics, but at it’s core it is your personal responsibility to keep your knowledge and skills current.  This enables you to deliver work that meets the expectations of your organisation, customers and the requirements of your profession. CPD is often linked to the concept of “Life Long Learning” i.e. the fact we are all continuing to learn and add to our knowledge as we understand more about topics we already know about and as we become aware of and take on board new approaches and techniques.

The CPD Process – Recording your progress

A key aspect is the process of tracking and documenting the skills & knowledge gained and demonstrated (sometimes called “The CPD Process”): it's a record (usually electronic) of what you experience, learn and then apply. It's not a tick-box document simply recording the training you have completed, it's broader than that, it is the means by which you can record the wide range of knowledge and skills you have gained related to your professional life. The CPD process helps you manage your own development in an ongoing manner by reviewing and reflecting on what you have learnt and hence to identify gaps/needs for future development.

Training as part of your CPD

The OR Society recognises the importance of keeping skills, knowledge and expertise up to date in today's demanding environment which expects high standards and accountability from all. The OR Society therefore encourages all its members to engage in a range of CPD activities.

A key aspect of CPD is training both informal and formal. In particular with formal training it’s not just understanding the training and what you learn on a course, but it’s the appropriate application of that knowledge/understanding gained in your actual work and hence to add value to the business as well as developing yourself.

ORS Training as part of this

The OR Society runs an ongoing programme of training run by experts in their own field and designed specifically for professionals in the OR, analytics and related  areas. You can check out our training programme covering a wide variety of techniques and methodologies.

If you can’t find what you are looking for in the current training offering please contact the contact us to suggest any other topics we might offer that would supplement your own CPD.

Why undertake CPD? -

The benefits of CPD can be seen from two perspectives – that of the employee, and that of the employer.

Importance of CPD for You

CPD ensures that you and your knowledge stays relevant and up to date. It keeps you ‘cutting edge’ i.e. aware of new ideas and open to new and better ways of doing things. It opens you up to new possibilities, new knowledge and new skill areas.

CPD is beneficial for your career progression and advancement both within in your profession and your accreditation level in the Society. It demonstrates your commitment to the business and what you have achieved, both in your current role/job/organisation and also as you move in your career to new roles/jobs wherever they may be.

Importance of CPD for Employers

For employers, the primary benefit of CPD ensures that professional standards across the company are maintained at a high level. Demonstrating the professional standing of the company by the professionalism of its employees. Having such knowledgeable individuals allows for the sharing of best practice and most up to date thinking, more widely within the company and hence in support of clients work.