Become a Corporate Partner

Our corporate partnership puts you as an organisation at the forefront of your teams' development while enabling you to boost your company's own operations and credibility at the same time.  

As a corporate partner you can register your employees as Corporate Affiliate members, which means they will receive almost all of the same benefits as our full members, including access to a library of resources, timely industry news, and discounted training and networking opportunities. 

What to expect 

The OR Society is home to the science + art of problem solving. Becoming a corporate partner will enable your organisation and employees to: 


ENHANCE your teams knowledge with access to free resources, including academic journals and research papers, which provide an opportunity for you to develop your teams’ while also using the latest research to boost your organisation’s operations and, in turn, your business.


ACCESS your teams’ full potential with exclusive training opportunities, where they’ll learn the latest methodologies, while demonstrating to your employees that they are valued and have a future within your organisation.


CONNECT with a community of like-minded professionals through a comprehensive programme of national events and annual discussions, which provide an opportunity to increase your company’s reputation, reach and credibility, and to attract new talent.


KNOW everything that’s going on in your sector with access to timely news through tailored communications, which will enable you to adapt and thrive no matter what.

Each of our corporate partner benefits will help your organisation and employees to develop and ensure your teams feel satisfied and valued as the future of your business. 

Ready to take the next step? Contact [email protected] for more details.