Related Organisations

HORAF – the Heads of OR and Analytics Forum

The Heads of OR and Analytics Forum (HORAF) provides a focus for the interests and concerns of heads and senior leaders of OR, analytics and data science practice groups from across the UK economy.

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COPIOR – The Committee of Professors of Operational Research

The Committee of Professors of Operational Research (COPIOR) is open to all professors working in OR at an UK university, and provides academic leadership in the discipline. COPIOR represents the views of the discipline to universities, funding bodies, research councils and government bodies.

Council for Mathematical Sciences

The OR Society is a member of The Council for the Mathematical Sciences (CMS). The CMS provides an authoritative and objective body that exists to develop, influence and respond to UK policy issues that affect the mathematical sciences in higher education and research, and therefore the UK economy and society in general.

Joint Mathematical Council

The OR Society is a participating society on the Joint Mathematical Council (JMC) of the United Kingdom.

The JMC serves as a forum for discussion between its member bodies and for making representations to government and other bodies and responses to their enquiries, as well as running the British Congress of Mathematics Education among other initiatives. It is concerned with all aspects of mathematics education at all levels and promotes the advancement of mathematics and the improvement of the maths teaching.

IFORS – International Federation of Operational Research Societies

The International Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS) is an umbrella organisation set up in 1959 to represent approximately 50 societies and kindred societies. In all, it represents some 30,000 individual members. 

IFORS exists to promote the development of operational research (OR) worldwide, both in methodology and practice,
and to link the member societies and regional groupings.

EURO – Association of European OR Societies

The Association of European Operational Research Societies' (EURO) aim is to promote operational research throughout Europe.

It does this by running conferences, publishing journals, giving prizes and awards, running various working groups and overseeing other promotional initiatives.

Science Council

The Science Council promotes awareness of the contribution of professional scientists to science and society and advances science education and increased understanding of the benefits of science. The Science Council provides a forum for discussion and works to foster collaboration between member organisations and the wider scientific communities to enable inter-disciplinary contributions to policy and application of science.

The OR Society is a licencee of the Science Council and can offer Registered Scientist and Chartered Scientist accreditations.