Western OR Discussion Society (WORDS)

WORDS is the regional branch of the OR Society, covering the south-west of England from Wiltshire to Cornwall. Most of our meetings are held in Bristol although we have some joint meetings with other regional societies, particularly SWORDS in Cardiff and MORS in Cheltenham.

Some previous meetings

February 2018, Bristol: PathSim – a versatile capacity model for simulating an admitted patient pathway; with application to the redesign of a stroke service. Richard Wood - Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire CCGs.

May 2018, Cheltenham (joint with MORS, IMA and UCAS): Big data analytics and its applications. Steve King, Rolls Royce.

July 2018, Cheltenham (joint with MORS, IMA and UCAS): Being an adaptable mathematician - from adaptable meshes to machine learning. Jenny Macey.

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Committee details

Ken McNaught Chair
Ian Mitchell Treasurer

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Amesbury Community Strategic Plan Hannah Reynolds, Ian Mitchell FORS, AMTP 07/03/2007 1.0  

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