The aim of the group is directed towards the practical and theoretical development of defence-related OR and the promotion of a wider knowledge and appreciation of defence-related OR.

The group also seeks to encourage interaction between defence-related and non-defence-related OR. The group provides a ‘home’ for all those involved in defence-related OR: customers and suppliers, practitioners and academics should be involved both as talkers and listeners. Meetings are held to consider both techniques, and wider discussion of the role of OR in defence. The group holds meetings two or three times a year, including the four-day International Symposium on Military Operational research (ISMOR). Other meetings are generally a half day, with a couple of papers providing different views of a challenge or approach, with plenty of time for discussion and networking. 

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in applying OR methods to defence. Activities are steered by a small committee and volunteers are always welcome.

Committee details


Carly Porrett Chair
Ed Aubrey Acting Secretary

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