2024 Training Course Proposals

We are looking for trainers with a high level of applied knowledge in their field and a proven ability to deliver excellent learning experiences. 

We are interested in providing training on all aspects of operational research, data science, analytics, AI, machine learning both soft and hard skills. In the past, our most successful courses have included ‘how to’ courses such as ‘how to build clever models with spreadsheets.’ Many of our existing courses are at an introductory level, but we would be glad to include more courses at a higher level, with a practitioner focus. Generic courses such as ‘presentation skills’ are well provided for elsewhere. However, we could still be interested if there is a particular methodology, theme or focus. 

All offers of courses will be considered by The OR Society's Training Working Group, with the best courses selected to take place in 2024.

To submit a training course bid, please:

Below we have split the form into three pages: 

  • Page 1: below requires your personal details;
  • Page 2: more details about your course;
  • Page 3: outlines further course details and your availability. 

We have provided example answers where necessary. Once you start typing your answer, they will disappear.

The OR Society's Training Working Group will consider all offers of courses, with the best courses selected to take place. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] or call +44 (0) 121 234 7818.

Webinar speaker terms and conditions

Webinar speaker terms and conditions

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Course proposal form

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