The OR Society publishes and supplies a number of learned journals and magazines. All of these are available online for members and in print if requested. The portal also gives OR Society members access to a number of other journals which can be accessed further down this page.

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We are pleased to bring you this Most Read Collection 2022 of articles from our 6 journal publications, published by Taylor & Francis.

OR Society Journals

For more information on our learned journals please visit their individual pages.


Journal of the Operational Research Society

The Journal of the Operational Research Society (JORS) presents papers that typically cover the theory, practice, history or methodology of OR.

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European Journal of Information Systems

The European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS) provides a distinctive European perspective on the theory and practice of information systems. 

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Knowledge Management Research and Practice

Knowledge Management Research and Practice (KMRP) contains high quality, peer reviewed articles on all aspects of managing knowledge, organisational learning, intellectual capital and knowledge economics.

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Journal of Simulation

The Journal of Simulation (JOS) aims to publish both articles and technical notes from researchers and practitioners active in the field of simulation.

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Health Systems

Health Systems is an interdisciplinary journal promoting the idea that all aspects of health and healthcare delivery can be viewed from a systems perspective.

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Journal of Business Analytics

The mission of the Journal of Business Analytics is to serve the emerging and rapidly growing community of business analytics both in academia and industry.

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OR Insight

OR Insight, now discontinued, aimed to appeal not only to OR practitioners and consultants but also to managers and others wishing to learn more about OR in practice. The journal informed about not just the scope and potential of OR but also developments in related areas.

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Inside OR

Published monthly in electronic and printed form, Inside OR contains news about current events in OR, forthcoming meetings, conferences and training courses, awards and prizes that are available, and articles of interest to the OR community.

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Impact Magazine Spring 2021 Cover

Impact Magazine

Packed with real-world examples of how to use analysis to make better decisions this magazine is full of thought-provoking articles and it's FREE.

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Additional Journals

As a perk of our relationship with T&F, we are also pleased to announce that our members can now also gain online access to an addition eight journals.


Technology Analysis & Strategic Management

Publishes research linking science, technology and innovation with the strategic needs of policy makers and management.

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Engineering Optimization

Publishes research on innovation in optimisation and engineering applicability, including algorithms for numerical optimisation and methods of operational research.

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Journal of Decision Systems

Improving decision-making and decision support in systems development, human resources, health, marketing, product design, IT, finance and crisis management.

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Journal of Management Analytics

Focuses on the theory of data analytics and its application in traditional business disciplines, such as accounting, finance, and supply chain management.

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International Journal of Modelling and Simulation

Focuses on modeling and simulation aspects, including conceptual, agent-based, mathematical and neural and fuzzy modeling and simulation tools and methods.

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International Journal of Management Science and Engineering Management

Focuses on identifying problems in management science and engineering, and using innovative management theories and new management methods to provide solutions.

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International Journal of Systems Science: Operations & Logistics

Publishes research on operations management and logistics including both qualitative and quantitative methods, such as operational research.

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International Journal of Healthcare Management

Research on health administration, healthcare systems, eHealth, patient satisfaction, healthcare marketing, medical tourism, health policy and reform.

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