Independent Consultants Network

Do you consider yourself to be an independent consultant working in operational research (OR) or related areas (e.g. research, analytics, training, systems thinking); are you thinking that you may want to become an independent consultant and share in the experiences of others, are you interested in supporting and being supported by other independent consultants? If so, then this may be the network for you.
The OR Society is looking to create a network of independent consultants to:

  • Share ideas and useful information
  • Share opportunities
  • Provide mutual support
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Support the development of a healthy UK independent consultancy community

Committee details

Person Role
Daniel Tilley
John Medhurst
Philip Sibeth Committee Member
Marie Oldfield Committee Member
Navonil Mustafee
Committee Member

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Join us for our next event

ICN Annual General Meeting and 'Delivering business value with AI: bridging the gap between hype and reality'

Date: 29 September 2022, 9.30 start

Register here

The ICN Committee proudly invites you to a special meeting of the Independents Consultants with Dr Andy Harrison Senior Data Scientist.


The meeting will also include elections to develop a new committee for the ICN. The ICN is important to the OR Society, and we all want it to grow and diversify so if you are interested in being part of the ICN committee then please put yourself forward and come along to our meeting. The roles available are described below:

• The committee is responsible for developing a [programme for the ICN committee of events (talks, roundtables etc.) for the coming year; The committee includes
- Chair: The chair is responsible for organising and chairing committee meetings
- Secretary: The secretary is responsible for recording actions at meetings
- Committee Members (the chair and secretary committee members): To attend meetings and provide ideas for the ICN programme for the coming year. There is usually 3-4 committee members.

Speaker Details

Delivering business value with AI: bridging the gap between hype and reality - Dr Andy Harrison

Businesses increasingly need to exploit AI to maintain their competitive advantage or risk being left behind. With the availability of pre-trained models (especially in Natural Language Processing) combined with autoML and no code ML services, it is becoming easier for businesses to leverage the power of  AI to great effect. But what is the reality?  This presentation will cover real-world experiences in  trying to deliver on these promises and ensure AI success.


Andy has being applying OR to business problems across a number of sectors – defence, finance, retail, insurance, energy, highways etc. - for three decades, although over the years it’s been rebadged as Analytics then Data Science and, more recently, AI/ML. His primary focus has been on the application of combinatorial optimisation, although increasingly he is now building solutions based on AI/ML.

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