Stafford Beer Medal

This award is named in memory of Stafford Beer, a world leader in the development of systems ideas, especially management cybernetics, and President of The OR Society 1970-71.

The Stafford Beer Medal is awarded in recognition of the most outstanding contribution to the philosophy, theory or practice of Information Systems published in the European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS) within the relevant year.



Stafford Beer

Stafford Beer

Citation for Stafford Beer Medal 2021

Abayomi Baiyere, Hannu Salmela, Tommi Tapanainen

Digital transformation and the new logics of business process management 

European Journal of Information Systems Vol 29 (3) 238-259.

Digital transformation, which is top of mind for many organisations, requires a rethinking of many business process management (BPM) principles. This paper explains three important logics of BPM that need to be re-examined, i.e., process modelling, infrastructural alignment, and procedural actor (agency) logics. For example, the shift to agile ways of working as required by digital transformation necessitates a rethinking of process modelling in BPM. The judges thought this was a well-executed ethnographic study that provides valuable counter-intuitive findings to challenge existing logics of BPM. Furthermore, this article is relevant for many organisations because the focus is broad, and the insights are actionable.

From left to right: Abayomi Baiyere, Hannu Salmela, Tommi Tapanainen

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