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October 2021

Bespoke data management at ‘the Airbnb of camper vans’

MyCamper earned the nickname ‘the Airbnb of camper vans’ by helping private owners rent out their vehicles to holidaymakers. However, the small team initially lacked the skills to manually build the necessary data-crunching tools.

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October 2021

FiveThirtyEight publishes its sports forecasting formulae

Nate Silver’s predictive analytics journalism website FiveThirtyEight has published the maths behind its sports forecasting model, making it possible for you to download the files and and run your own NHL league!

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September 2021

Using data science to improve wildfire forecasting and modelling

A new partnership between the University of California San Diego and the USA’s Los Alamos National Laboratory aims to use thermal, mechanical and fluid dynamics systems modelling to help meet the global threat of wildfires.

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