Thu, February 01, 2024


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Supply Chain Management Award won by Philip Morris International

This week it was announced that tobacco giant Philip Morris International (PMI) beat Siemens, Infineon and Emma in competition for the prestigious Supply Chain Management Award 2023 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

The theme of the contest was ‘Mastering tomorrow’s challenges through business-led tech-enabled supply chain transformations’ and the winning team convinced a awarding jury (made up of supply chain practitioners, academics and consultants) that their recent innovations were prizeworthy.

Throughout the period of consideration, new products required PMI to fundamentally alter its supply chain, resulting in extra links in the chain, more complex procurement and manufacturing processes and more complicated portfolio management. In response, PMI rolled out a new, centralised platform called Sync Hub which supported the business with more detailed forecasting and closer integration between different parts of the supply chain.

Sync Hub

Sync Hub provided PMI with comprehensive digital visibility into the planning and distribution processes, most significantly enabling flexible and reliable supply chain risk management. PMI was able to simulate different scenarios to prevent production downtime, even in crisis situations.

Vice President SC Synchronization Hub at PMI, Guillaume Popiol, said, “to be shortlisted among these prestigious companies was already quite an achievement, but then to actually win such an important prize is great recognition of PMI’s efforts to make the smoke-free transformation possible. Now more than ever, the supply chain is a critical pillar of a company’s success. We are at the heart of sustainability, agility, resilience and innovation,” he stated.

Visit the PMI website www.pmi.com