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Pro Bono O.R. in the Third Sector


The purpose of O.R. is to enable managers to make more effective decisions.

UK based organisations in the Third sector can now benefit from O.R. consultancy at no cost. The Operational Research society is offering third sector organisations the opportunity for free consultancy to help reduce costs and improve utilisation of limited resources.

The OR Society launched its O.R. Pro Bono initiative for UK based third sector organisations in September 2013. The society wants more organisations to benefit from operational research and recognises that third sector organisations have an even greater need to be more efficient. Organisations may seek a wide range of operational improvements:

  • Strategic planning/review
  • Impact measurement
  • Process improvement
  • Data analysis
  • Business planning
  • Efficiency improvement
  • Options appraisal
  • Decision making

Whatever the aim, O.R. can offer the flexibility and adaptability to provide objective help.

Whether you are an organisation looking to request Pro Bono O.R. support or an analyst who would like to become a volunteer, please use the tabs down the left hand side of the page to find out more information.


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