The Beale Medal

The OR Society's Beale Medal is awarded in memory of the late Martin Beale. It gives recognition to a sustained contribution over many years to the theory, practice, or philosophy of OR in the UK, or to some combination of those areas. More details of Beale's life can be found in this short biography.

For each year, nominations are required by 30 April of that year. The rules and conditions are set out below.

Citation for Beale Medal 2018

Professor Russell Cheng

Professor Russell Cheng played a major role in developing simulation as a widely used quantitative tool for both academic and industrial use. His theoretical contributions to the use of statistics in all aspect of simulation are truly outstanding and extensive, coming over a career that began in 1973, following completion of his PhD at the University of Bath, and is still ongoing today, where he remains active as an Emeritus Professor at the University of Southampton.

Russell’s main contributions to the field are in the areas of:

  • Computer generation of random variables: Russell’s algorithms for generating gamma and beta random variables are still among the most efficient known today.
  • Design and analysis of computer simulation experiments: these include practical methods for improving the efficiency of simulation experimentation as well as sensitivity analysis.
  • Estimation in non-standard problems: the subject of Russell’s book, Non-Standard Parametric Statistical Inference published recently by Oxford University Press, this work deals with the practical analysis of real data, acknowledging that in the real world data do not always follow a normal distribution.
  • Computer-generated imagery: this work dates back to the 1990s when Russell was involved in building realistic simulation models for marine simulations.

Within the UK, Russell has been key to maintaining the mathematical basis of simulation within the Operational Research community and to introducing statisticians to the interesting problems of simulation. This has come about through his significant contributions to the simulation community including to: academic leadership, simulation societies, journals, conferences, PhD supervision and development, and practice.

Russell has been recognised internationally, having been presented with the Lifetime Professional Achievement Award by the INFORMS Simulation Society in 2016. Within the UK, he is a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) and a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA).  Indeed, within the UK Russell is widely recognised as a leading academic in the field of simulation, and most certainly the leading UK academic in the mathematical analysis of simulation models.

Russell Cheng winner of 2018 Beale Medal with John Hopes

OR Society President John Hopes presenting the Beale Medal to Professor Russell Cheng

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