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Emmanuel Thanassoulis

Using DEA to identify efficiency markers in the delivery of healthcare
Professor Emmanuel Thanassoulis, Aston University

29 September 2021 at 1pm

The healthcare industry is one of the largest in the world, using nearly 10% of global GDP. Due to an ageing population and increased prevalence of chronic diseases, costs and patient numbers in the healthcare sector continue to grow. The need for health care providers to operate more efficiently and optimise productivity is, therefore, very important.  

This talk reports on an approach to improving the cost-efficiency of inpatient health care delivery through systematic identification and dissemination of best practice. It will discuss how this is demonstrated using data on inpatient spells for thoracic empyema or Pyothorax at a major UK Children’s hospital. The method developed will allow a hospital to assess retrospectively performance in terms of cost at the granular level of inpatient spells. The use of this approach will allow the determination of a summary figure of cost efficiency, expressed here in the form of the potential reduction in the Length of Stay (LOS) of the spell.  

This webinar is suitable for academics, consultants, those working in the private sector and researchers. Attendees will learn how to model in a Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) context in health care delivery. They will also understand how to look for factors conducive to improving cost efficiency in health care delivery. The webinar will demonstrate the advantages and limitations of DEA in modelling health care delivery and delegates will leave with a broader understanding of productivity studies using DEA. 

Emmanuel is Emeritus Professor in Management Sciences at Aston University, Birmingham, UK. He is a world authority on the key method of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) and its use within the field of efficiency and productivity measurement. He has published numerous papers on DEA in top-rated academic journals and is on the Editorial Board of the European Journal of Operational Research, a top-rated journal for learned publications in the field of efficiency and productivity analysis. He has co-developed DEA Software and has offered advice on efficiency measurement to a variety of organisations including the Department for Education and Skills, the Home Office, OFWAT, Severn Trent Water, and many more.  


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