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Student membership leaflet Amy Hughes 05/06/2019 1.00  
Student membership poster A4 Amy Hughes 05/06/2019 1.00  
Measuring impact: sources of information Amy Hughes 01/11/2018 1.0  
Careers Open Day 2018 Programme Amy Hughes 01/10/2018 1.0  
Charities Workshop Transport and Parking OR60 Amy Hughes 29/08/2018 1.0  
OR60 app instructions Amy Patrick 22/08/2018 1.0  
Optimising the real world, robustly Andy Harrison 06/08/2015 1.0  
5 compelling reasons to build quick simulations using Anne Shade 18/09/2007 1.0  
AS18: All you need is AI…(and a good strategy plan) Appolo Tankeh and Thomas Ward 14/06/2018 1.1  
An empirical comparison of periodic stock control heuristics for intermittent demand items Aris A. Syntetos & M. Zied Babai 25/09/2007 1.0  

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