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Advances to modelling and deploying optimization applications with Xpress Zsolt Csizmadia, Andy Harrison and Susanne Heipcke 06/08/2015 1.0  
Efficient modelling and solving of non-linear optimization problems Zsolt Csizmadia and Susanne Heipcke 06/08/2015 1.0  
Criminal Justice special interest group event 24th June 2013 - Report Zoe Brass 17/07/2013 1.0  
Optimal Staff Allocation for local Police Force Zhang, Jackson, Tako, Liu, Dunnett 11/09/2016 1.0  
Using Bayesian Methods to Assess Fund Management Yun Fan 21/09/2007 1.0  
YOR20 Practical Information (PDF) YOR20 Cttee 31/03/2017 1.0  
YOR20 Abstract Listing (PDF) YOR20 Cttee 22/03/2017 1.0  
YOR20 Programme Outline (PDF) YOR20 Cttee 23/01/2017 1.0  
YOR20 Information for Presenters (PDF) YOR20 Cttee 14/10/2016 1.0  
YOR20 Information for Stream Organisers (PDF) YOR20 Cttee 14/10/2016 1.0  

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