Digital Twins

The possibilities of enhancing simulation models with real-time (or live) data are being explored in ever more contexts and across a variety of industries, service, and public sectors. At the same time, commonly appreciated benefits of simulation modelling, such as the ability to analyse a system in a risk-free environment through a wide range of what-if scenarios, showcase the mutually beneficial relationship between digital twins and traditional simulations by allowing decision-makers to gain more insight from observing their system live. Therefore, it is no surprise that digital twins together with simulation modelling is a topic of growing interest for researchers and practitioners alike.

For this stream, we would like to invite academics, researchers, and practitioners, to present topics that might relate but are not limited to:

  • Novel methodological developments, including for instance on data connections, adaptive digital twins, or also the role of situation awareness (and many more),
  • case studies showcasing applications of digital twins in various industries and sectors,
  • common modelling challenges with implementing digital twins, such as ones of technical nature, or also related to delivering value for stakeholders and decision-makers,
  • any wider topics that fit into the overall technology stack into which simulations and digital twins fit (e.g., links to Machine Learning, analysing digital twin outputs etc.).

We hope this stream is of interest to you and if you have any questions regarding a possible topic for a paper, please contact the stream organiser. [email protected]


Christoph Werner

Christoph Werner, Senior Simulation Consultant, Simul8 Corporation