Education in OR and Analytics

The stream warmly welcomes academics and practitioners who operate at the intersection of Operations Research (OR) and Business Analytics. The goal is to foster discussions, highlight, and propose contemporary and effective practices, ideas, and techniques related to pedagogy, teaching, and learning. The intention is to significantly benefit the broader Higher Education (HE) sector. In this context, specific emphasis can be placed on various topics, including but not limited to:

  • Taxonomy within a Problem-Based Learning approach
  • The Team-Based Learning approach, as a powerful way of peer learning
  • The exploration of how AI generative tools could facilitate collaborative problem-solving activities by generating alternative solutions, evaluating ideas, and fostering creativity in group settings.
  • The integration of a gamified approach into a program of studies curriculum.
  • Evaluation of ChatGPT and its classification as a threat, opportunity, or asset;
  • "Modules of tomorrow" aimed at instilling an analytical mindset in future managers, focusing on skills related to data acquisition, preparation, analysis, visualisation, interpretation, and communication, aligning with industry trends in the Business Analytics domain;
  • Software for effective visualisations of the data and the associated relationships; methods for assessing in an authentic way and giving effective feedback;
  • Challenges encountered in developing, leading, and delivering business/data analytics programs at Business Schools;
  • Development of data analytics certificate programs for business majors, with a broader impact on individuals sharing common interests in this field nationally and internationally;
  • The application of learning analytics towards enhancing teaching and learning especially within the HE context.
  • Utilisation of analytics to improve student outcomes through efficient personal tutoring and learning analytics.


Dr. Heather He

Dr. Heather He

Bangor Business School, UK

Dr. Marios Kremantzis (1).png

Dr. Marios Kremantzis

University of Bristol Business School, UK