Health and Social Care

Operational research (OR) techniques have become increasingly vital in improving efficiencies, managing resources and supporting decision-making across health and social care systems. This conference stream will explore innovative applications of OR to address challenges in the health and social care sector.

Presentations will showcase how OR methodologies including forecasting, machine learning, simulation, optimisation and data analytics can enhance operations in areas such as healthcare delivery, improving patient flow, capacity planning and resource allocation in hospitals and clinics to reduce wait times and costs whilst maintaining or improving quality of care. Delegates will discover how OR communities across the UK and worldwide are utilising novel and established techniques to tackle pressing issues in delivering health and social care. The stream will cover a mix of practical case studies and cutting-edge theoretical developments appealing to academics, consultants and practitioners alike.

This stream welcomes papers showcasing novel OR applications in health and social care, demonstrating innovative methodologies, discussing implementation challenges, and highlighting impact on operations and health outcomes.


Elizabeth Williams 3 (002)

Elizabeth Williams, Cardiff University


Laura Boyle, Queens University Belfast