Responsible OR and AI

In today’s data driven business world the use of OR and AI is becoming ubiquitous. Government and organisations like the NHS are employing more analysts now than ever, and the subject of using OR and AI for social good garners continually growing interest.

This stream aims to understand more about how we can utilise AI and OR in a responsible way, discouraging harms and becoming part of positive societal change that enables a future we would all like to be part of. We invite submissions from industry and academia that investigate concerns and risks in using OR and AI. We also encourage those looking at mitigation techniques to address these concerns, and those focussed on better ways to use OR and AI to help solve societal and environmental problems.

Much work has been done on human centred design and human-in-the-loop systems and presentations on how these techniques can foster responsible use are welcome. We also encourage submissions from those working on explainable and interpretable algorithms/AI.

Energy use in AI and LLM’s is an ongoing issue and presentations on this are welcome, as are talks about ethics, good data management practice (data governance), inclusive machine learning, and ensuring fairness in both data and algorithmic design.


Christina Phillips

Dr Christina J. Phillips, Liverpool John Moores University