In the Transportation stream, we investigate the latest and groundbreaking research within the field of operational research, focusing on recent technological advancements, innovations and future scenarios in transportation theory, practice, and applications. The stream will cover mathematical modelling techniques, such as exact and approximate methods, and their applications in addressing various transportation challenges. This stream is open to various methodological approaches and applications tailored to different facets of transportation problems, including last-mile logistics, intermodal transportation, green transportation, and more. Emphasizing practical significance of the research, we stress that the research findings should either be directly applicable or possess evident potential for implementation, enhancing industry practices.

Attendees can expect to deepen their understanding of transportation dynamics, while also gaining valuable insights into emerging trends and innovative business practices within the industry. Presenting in this stream promises to be a valuable experience for those seeking to learn from new developments and enhance their expertise in the field of transportation.


Emrah Demir - Cardiff Uni.png

Prof Emrah Demir, Cardiff University

Burakboyaci (4)

Dr Burak Boyaci, Lancaster University