OR61 Streams

Streams and Organisers

Behavioural OR

Behavioural OR (BOR) aims at benefits to OR of comparable impact and magnitude as the behavioural work from the likes of Simon—who sometimes wore the hat of an operational researcher—followed up by Kahneman and Gigerenzer, has made to fields such as economics, healthcare and policy. Virtually all areas of OR can benefit from behavioural insights, with traditional areas having done so including decision analysis, simulation, system dynamics, supply chain management, and so on. The BOR stream at OR61 welcomes contributions from both academics and practitioners.  


Ilkka Leppanen - [email protected]
Konstantinos Katsikopoulos - [email protected]

Combinatorial and Global Optimisation: Exact and Heuristic Approaches

This stream will be concerned with all aspects of combinatorial and global optimisation, including applications, theory, algorithms and software.  Submissions on both exact and meta- heuristic approaches are welcome.  Moreover, in addition to traditional OR applications logistics, scheduling, etc, we also welcome novel applications in, e.g., data science and machine learning.


Adam Letchford  -  [email protected]
Andrew Parkes  -  [email protected]
Ender Ozcan  -  [email protected]

Control Theory and its Applications to OR-related Fields

The theory and applications of feedback and optimal control is applied very successfully in many applications including production and inventory control, supply chain management, dynamic economics, population control and epidemiology, health care planning, natural resource management, social bond and criminology, among others. This stream welcomes contributions that explore new applications of control theory and provide new insights in decision science.


Virginia Spiegler  -  [email protected]
Mohamed Naim  -  [email protected]
Christos Papanagnou  -  [email protected]

Data Science: Techniques and Industrial Applications

The Data Science stream at OR61 will focus on specific techniques in Data Science (machine learning, optimisation, game theory, decision theory for data science) as well as broader industrial applications of data science (narratives on how interesting data science projects from a variety of industries were deconstructed and tackled). We encourage abstracts/presentations from academics and industrial practitioners alike.


Jeremy Bradley - [email protected]
Betty Schirrmeister - [email protected]

DEA and its Applications

This stream covers the theme of efficiency and productivity analysis and performance management. Both parametric and non-parametric studies will be considered. We especially welcome talks on the theory, methodology and application of Data Envelopment Analysis and econometric methods in performance management. Of particular interest are successful applications of performance and efficiency analysis in the real world, for example in banking, healthcare, education, transportation, Energy, and so on.


Ali Emrouznejad  -  [email protected]


The Forecasting Stream at this year’s OR conference is looking for contributions on all aspects of forecasting, including forecasting practice, new methods of forecasting including machine learning, behavioural issues that affect forecasting success as well as applications areas such as the supply chain, marketing and energy.


John Boylan - [email protected]
Robert Fildes - [email protected]

Healthcare Applications

The stream focuses on the application of Operational Research OR methods in the healthcare sector. We would welcome presentations covering all areas of OR methods including Optimisation, Stochastic Processes, Simulation Modelling, Systems Thinking and their applications in the different areas of healthcare management and public health. Talks showing how OR methods can help inform the policy and decision making processes to deal with current and future challenges in the health sector are particularly welcomed. Studies taking place in both developed and developing countries will be highly regarded.


Mohamed Reda Lebcir - [email protected]
Soheil Davari - [email protected]
Amanda Relph - [email protected]

Locational Analysis: Theory and Application

This stream intends to provide a broad and in-depth analysis of some of the most recent advances in locational analysis. Topics of interest include but are not limited to network location, continuous and discrete location, stochastic Location, competitive location, hub location, location-routing among others. Location applications in any area are most welcome.


Nader Azizi - [email protected]
Chandra Ade Irawan - [email protected]

Logistics and Transportation

This stream invites submissions on the use and design of Operational Research methods to solve problems within the area of logistics. These can be theoretically focussed, computationally oriented or applications based. The topics include classical as well as environmentally oriented routing problems VRP and its variants, multi-objective, green and sustainable transportation electrical routing, bike/car sharing, and platooning, warehousing and inventory related problems, among others. Talks on logistic applications are strongly encouraged.


Niaz Wassan  -  [email protected]
Gabor Nagy  -  [email protected]
Wipawee Tharmma  -  [email protected]


Making an Impact - Workshops

Focused Sessions for Consultants, Analysts and Decision Makers
– and anyone with a passion for making the world work more effectively.

  • Is your day-job all about helping make organisations more effective?
  • Does your work involve you in helping others make better decisions?
  • Do you want to be more successful by marketing yourself and your team better?

See the Making an Impact page here to find out what’s involved.


John Medhurst - [email protected]
Paul Thomas -  [email protected]
Steve Welch - [email protected]
Davin Parrott - [email protected]
Rob Smithies - [email protected]
Luke Huxtable - [email protected]

Multi Criteria Decision Making

Researchers and practitioners are encouraged to submit contributions on all aspects of multi-criteria decision analysis. This includes exact and heuristic methods for optimisation with multiple criteria, preference modelling, decision aiding, interactive methods, and problem structuring. Both theoretical and methodological contributions are welcome, and in particular, contributions describing the application of MCDM methods to real world problems are encouraged.


Val Belton  -  [email protected]

OR & Strategy

The aims of the OR and Strategy stream are to provide a place which promotes a discussion of the contribution that O.R. makes to strategic issues in organisations, such as product launch, major reorganisations, resource management, coping with Brexit uncertainty, etc., and increases awareness of the potential for O.R. methods (both alone and mixed) to support strategic development and strategic level analysis, such as simulation, analytical hierarchy process, excel spreadsheet modelling, analytics, scenarios, decision trees, game theory, etc. We welcome practitioner and academic papers in all aspects from case studies, framework development, and teaching approaches.


Martin Kunc [email protected]
Frances O’Brien [email protected]

OR Applications in Public and Government Services

In this stream we focus on applications of operational research in government and public sector settings.  We welcome contributions on all aspects of operational research techniques in all stages of their application, from development, through to implementation and evaluation. We also have an interest in the growing application of data science within the public sector.


Ross Wyatt - [email protected]
Ben Lavelle - [email protected]
Rudi Narendran - [email protected]

OR for Sustainable Approaches in Community Contexts

Communities develop and are also hampered by the constraints that internal and external actors impose on each other when they try to improve their activities – such as those of thieves and owners, closed and open culture adherents as well as residents and councils. In this stream we consider systematic support to modify or resist those constraints so communities act more fairly, generate diversity and become resilient.

We welcome attempts to share and explore such support in the form of examples, methods and ideas that help to break out of, resist and go beyond mutually damaging habits and interactions.


Martha Vahl - [email protected]
Eliseo Vilalta Perdomo - [email protected]

Reliability and Applied Stochastic Processes

This stream will be focused on all aspects of applied stochastic processes, risk, reliability and maintenance, which may be either applied or theoretical. Submissions on related topics including cases studies and new developments are also welcome.


Philip Scarf - [email protected]
Shaomin Wu - [email protected]


The simulation stream welcomes submissions from all areas of simulation methodology and practise. All simulation methods will be considered including discrete event simulation, system dynamics, agent based simulation, hybrid simulation etc. Topics of interest include but are not limited to Simulation on the Cloud, Simulation Software and Technology, Parallel and Distributed Simulation PADS and Simulation methodology and its translation into practice. We are also keen to receive case studies that demonstrate the benefits of simulation in practice in all areas.


Lucy Morgan - l.[email protected]
Anthony Waller - [email protected]

Soft OR and Problem Structuring

This stream is concerned with the design, implementation, use and evaluation of Problem Structuring and Soft OR methods. We welcome case studies, theoretical analyses and methodological discussions on Problem Structuring and Soft OR approaches, as well as submissions where these methods are combined with others from OR and beyond. We encourage submissions related to a broad range of Problem Structuring approaches, including those developed outside the OR community, and new fields of application for Soft OR and Problem Structuring.


Guillaume Lame  -  [email protected]
Ian Cammack - [email protected]
Mark Ashforth - [email protected]
Alberto Paucar-Caceres - [email protected]

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Sustainability has now become an integral part of supply chain management given the increased demand from a wide range of stakeholder groups for organisations to better manage their supply chains and operation functions in a more responsible manner. The field of OR has provided the opportunity, past and present, to address pressing organisational and industrial challenges such as transitioning to a more sustainable supply chain. This stream provides an opportunity for both researchers and practitioners to share recent advances in the field of OR in Sustainable Supply Chain Management SSCM. We welcome areas dealing with methodological, applications, contextual, analytical and developmental issues of OR in SSCM.


Adolf Acquaye  -  [email protected]
Andrea Genovese  -  [email protected]

Sustainable Development Goals

We seek operational research contributions addressing any of the 17 sustainable development goals set out by the United Nations. These include no poverty, zero hunger, good health and well-being, quality education, gender equality, clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy, decent work and economic growth, industry innovation and infrastructure, reduced inequalities, sustainable cities and communities, responsible production and consumption, climate action, life below water, life on land, peace justice and strong institutions, partnerships for the goals. We also welcome talks addressing the management of humanitarian disasters.


Honora Smith  -  [email protected]
Tolga Bektas  -  [email protected]

Systems Thinking

Many OR and Systems practitioners share a common interest in systemic intervention to address highly complex organizational, social and environmental problems. This stream provides a fantastic opportunity to bring people from both the OR and Systems communities together to learn from one another, so both can be enriched. We welcome the widest possible diversity of practitioners and academics, whichever tradition of systems thinking or systemic OR you come from. We encourage the submission of abstracts discussing applications of systems thinking; methodological innovations; theoretical contributions; thoughts on the diversity, impacts and ethics of systemic OR practice; and reflections on the past, present and future of the relationship between Systems Thinking and OR.


Gerald Midgley  - [email protected]
Giles Hindle  - [email protected]
Angela Espinosa   - [email protected]