Analytics Stream

The principal focus of this stream is to showcase data-driven applications of analytical methods, particularly those focused at real-world use-cases.

14:15 - 15:15 | Wednesday 16 September 2020

The analytical methods being showcased will vary in nature; from descriptive techniques such as the consolidation of multiple data sources to produce insights using data visualisation techniques, to more complex techniques such as the application of prescriptive analytics using machine learning. 


The Analytics behind Economic Forecast Scenarios for Credit Risk Modelling

This talk will take an interesting look at the analytics required to develop economic forecast scenarios for credit risk modelling. The speaker will also share their thoughts on best practice for developing impactful data visualisation from economic forecast insights.

This talk is open to all but is especially suited to anyone working in analytics, data, modelling or the financial sector.


Keith Church, head of Economic Modelling at 4most, the UK's largest credit risk consultancy, will be sharing his experience and insight into credit risk modelling.

Keith Church, 
Head of Economic Modelling

Alan Lucas, 
Head of Research & Innovation

Organisers & Chairs:

Eduardo Contreras - [email protected]

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