Information Systems Stream

Information systems are growing and developing more rapidly than ever in the digital age.

11:00 - 12:00 | Thursday 17 September 2020

Social media, despite being relatively commonplace, is a fairly new information system. Businesses are trying a variety of approaches to integrate social media into their marketing plans. One method is by using digital influencers, or social media celebrities, for product promotion or endorsement. Join this stream to take a look at the advantages and pitfalls of this communication strategy. This stream is ideal for people who work with or in a marketing department, or anyone wanting to know more about how social media shapes our lives as consumers


Exploring the impact of digital influencers on businesses

Social media has provided both consumers and organizations with new forms of communication that have empowered all users to share more information online. Some of the most promising creations of the social media platforms are the digital influencers also known as micro-celebrities.

This session explores how this type of communication strategy is used within different social media. Especially interesting to examine the influencers’ engagement on Instagram and YouTube. The issues of credibility, self-presentation, originality and trustworthiness are an inevitable part of the discussion for this subject.

Certain industries such as fashion, fitness, travel and beauty have been very successful in engaging with this recently emerging and rapidly growing type of promotion. Due to the number of subscribers to popular online profiles, businesses of all sizes and types can find digital influencers attractive to engage with their potential customers. Although the research on social media influencers is fast evolving, there are still further areas for investigation which will be identified in this session.



Elmira Djafarova, Principal Lecturer at Northumbria University, will be giving the talk Exploring the impact of digital influencers on businesses.

Elmira Djafarova, 
Northumbria University

Organisers & Chairs:

Dimitra Skoumpopoulou (chair) - [email protected]
Oliver Kayas [email protected]
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