Logistics & Transportation Stream

Want to learn more about optimisation in logistics and transportation?

14:15 - 15:15 | Wednesday 16 September 2020

This stream is perfect for anyone who works in logistics or transportation, works with Python, or wants to become more informed about these topics.

This stream will deliver an interesting, educational demonstration of how Python can be used to optimise many logistics and transportation problems. It also includes plenty of case studies and illustrative examples and guarantees you'll learn something new no matter your experience level.


Optimisation stories in Logistics and Transportation featuring Python

Join Professor Joaquim Gromicho as he tells several stories about optimisation. Each case study, or story, will be presented with an examination of the mathematical optimisation modelling that was required and an explanation of the outcomes of using each model and their impact on the problems they were addressing.

Python is the hero of this storybook and this talk will demonstrate how it was used to bring a happy end to each story. This talk will inspire both novice and expert Python programmers with a passion for optimization and a commitment to improving logistics operations.


Professor Joaquim Gromicho, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and ORTEC, will give a workshop on optimisation with Python.

Joaquim Gromicho, 
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


Organisers & Chairs:

Ahmed Kheiri - [email protected]