OR in the Third Sector Stream

COVID-19 has impacted organisations across the globe, and the third sector has been no exception.

13:00 - 14:00 | Tuesday 15 September 2020

This stream offers an insightful examination of how COVID-19 has affected the third sector. Two speakers will share their perspective: one giving an overview of the state of the sector, the other presenting the view from inside one particular charity.

The stream will end by inviting the audience to join the discussion about how OR can help. This session will be of interest to anybody interested in the practical consequences of COVID for a substantial sector of the economy, and how OR and analytics can help.  If you work with an organisation in the third sector, or if you're a Pro Bono volunteer,  you will find the on-the-ground knowledge shared in this stream especially valuable.


Survive, Adapt and Thrive: Charities and the COVID crisis

Catherine Mahoney will be discussing the impact of COVID-19 from the perspective of Charities Aid Foundation, a major charity that works with 88,000 charities around the world helping them raise and manage the funds they need.


This stream will feature two 20 minute talks and a 20 minute Q&A session.

Catherine Mahoney,
Research Manager

Charities Aid Foundation

The visibility of data to enable decisions – the 4I's to support Marie Curie

The Marie Curie analysis team aims to deliver robust and insightful analysis, which enables their fundraising staff to make better, data-driven decisions.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for all things analysis has dramatically increased. This talk focusses on Marie Curie's 4I’s: Income, Investigate, Inform and Insight. Each of these I’s will be illustrated with examples and visualisations which have a proven track record in communicating results. Join the talk to find out what the analysis team has done since March to support Marie Curie and fundraising in particular.

Steven White, 
Fundraising Strategy and Insights Manager,

Marie Curie

Organisers & Chairs:

Ruth Kaufman - [email protected]

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