OR63: AI and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a huge opportunity as well as a significant concern for organisations today.

Combining the unprecedented levels of data generated in the modern world, the use of high-performance computing (e.g. distributed computing, GPUs/TPUs, etc.) and new innovations such as deep learning, AI has reached something of a golden age in recent years.

We're now looking for OR professionals, data scientists, professors, researchers, analysts, engineers, etc., to present at this event. Submit your 300-word presentation summary on AI and machine learning by the now extended deadline of the 25th of June to join our expert OR63 speakers!

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Submissions deadline extended: 25 June 2021

Share your AI knowledge

We welcome talks on any aspect of artificial intelligence

We are looking for presentations that clearly address a business problem, develop innovative methods/methodologies and use real-world data to show how the problem can be solved. Authors of papers in the analytics stream will be encouraged to develop their ideas into submissions for the OR Society’s publication, “The Journal of Business Analytics.”

Other ideas for topics include:

  • Ethical and governance issues in AI
  • AI validation
  • Organizational issues in AI adoption and deployment
  • Building an AI driven culture
  • Data quality and AI
  • Text mining and social media analytics
  • AI systems and Machine Learning Engineering
  • Intersections of AI and OR
Submit your 300-word summary now to speak at our AI and machine learning stream.

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Meet the stream organisers

If you have any questions, please contact one of the stream organisers below using their details listed. 

Mathais Kern

Mathias Kern, 
Applied Research, BT Technology
[email protected]

Shakeel Khan HMRC

Shakeel Khan, 
University of Warwick
[email protected]

Michael Mortenson

Michael Mortenson, 
University of Warwick
[email protected]

Richard Vidgen, 
University of New South Wales Business School
[email protected]

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The OR Society Journal of Business Analytics

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