OR63: Making an Impact Posters (MAI)

At OR63, we invite OR professionals, data scientists, analysts, engineers, and modellers within the academic, public and private sectors to display posters that highlight the application of OR and the impact their work has achieved.

Posters can be from any operational research discipline. The content of posters is expected to be beyond the idea or proposal stage and should focus on the application of OR and how it made an impact. The methodology and results should also be included, as well as a description of what impact was achieved and how.

We're now looking for OR professionals, data scientists, professors, researchers, analysts, engineers, etc., to present at this event. Submit your 150-word poster summary by the now extended deadline of 31 August to join our expert OR63 speakers!

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Submissions deadline: 30 August 2021

Share a poster of your work

This is an opportunity to share your work to a wide audience, have conversations with a diverse community and build networking contacts for future collaborations.

The posters will be displayed throughout the three days of the conference on the conference platform. On Wednesday 15th Sept 2021, there will be a poster presentation session where authors will each give a 3-minute talk on their poster.

Authors will also be asked to attend a Q&A session immediately after the quickfire round to discuss them with other attendees and answer questions.

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Meet the stream organisers

If you have questions, please contact one of the stream organisers below using their details listed. 

John Medhurst

John Medhurst, 
Larrainzar Consulting Solutions Ltd
[email protected]

Stefano Coniglio

Stefano Coniglio, 
University of Southampton
[email protected]

Sion Cave

Sion Cave, 
[email protected]

John Medhurst

Tahirah McIntosh, 
The OR Society
[email protected]





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