OR63: OR in Sport

The scope of the OR in Sport stream is broad since many OR techniques can be applied to a variety of different sports.

With OR63 being held soon after the Olympic Games (assuming that it proceeds as planned), the talks in this stream are likely to attract much interest.

This stream focuses on how OR can improve some aspect of the competition, such as increasing the enjoyment of spectators watching the event or improving fairness to the competitors.

We're now looking for OR professionals, data scientists, professors, researchers, analysts, engineers, etc., to present at this event. Submit your 300-word presentation summary on OR in Sport by the now extended deadline of the 25th of June to join our expert OR63 speakers!

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Submissions deadline extended: 25 June 2021

Share your OR in sport experience

We welcome contributions on all aspects of how OR can be applied some to some aspect of sport to improve the experience for the competitors, spectators, sponsors or administrators.

Topics may include (but are not limited to):

  • scheduling of sports competitions
  • design and analysis of the format of sports competitions
  • ranking competitors
  • modelling the outcome of matches and competitions
  • design and analysis of alternative competitor strategies
  • evaluation of rules
  • predicting outcomes of matches and competitions
  • betting
  • finances aspects of sport
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Meet the stream organisers

If you have any questions, please contact one of the stream organisers below using their details listed. 

Chris Potts

Chris Potts, 
University of Southampton
[email protected]





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