OR63 Resources

Below you will find a number of resources that you can use to promote this year's annual conference OR63: Creating a Better Future.

We'll keep updating this page in the build-up to OR63, so check back for fresh graphics and content.


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Copy guidelines and tips

When referring to the event within a tweet use the event's twitter handle @SouthamptonOR63 - not only does this help other users find the event account, it will also alert us to the fact you've tweeted about the event so we can therefore retweet and like the tweet.

Don't forget to use #OR63 hashtag


I'm looking forward to presenting a poster on name of post at @SouthamptonOR63 in system dynamics stream. #OR63 

Suggestions for posts:

  • Promote streams you’re excited for
  • Promote speakers you’re looking forward to hear
  • Use personal experiences of previous events



Registration now open

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Tell people you're involved

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Present at OR63

We are looking for speakers to give a presentation on our theme of "creating a better future." If you would like to speak at our largest event of the year to raise your profile, please submit a 300-word summary that describes the content of your proposed presentation or poster. 


Submit your 300-word summary by June 11th to present at OR63.